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    Intranet vs digital workplace solutions

    What's the difference between intranet and digital workplace solutions? And which is the best solution for your business?

    3 intranet success examples

    The world is not what it once was. Everything we need in our modern lives are just a few clicks of a button away. As should be the vast amount of information that organisations produce and hold. Due to increasing importance of data and content management paired with accessibility, companies are seeking ways to unlock the full power of knowledge, communication and collaboration.

    Digital Transformation in Construction and Engineering

    Construction and engineering sectors are well-known as being one of the world’s least digitised sectors.

    Making your digital workspace inclusive helps to promote wider inclusivity in the organisation

    ClearPeople is built on six distinct values that completely embody our culture, such as “One Family” and “People-First”. We may take this as obvious or common sense, but recent events have shown we still have a long way to go and change is needed. At ClearPeople we believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.

    Digital transformation starts with a digital workplace

    Digital transformation is fuelled by the advances in technology we see every day. It’s changing industries, igniting growth and providing the catalyst for new services, experiences and business models.

    4 easy steps to shorten and rename links in Microsoft Teams

    Ever sent a link in Microsoft Teams that was so long it took up half your screen?

    Is Microsoft the best digital workplace solution?

    The digital workplace as a concept has been getting a lot of attention especially in the Microsoft ecosystem. The modern digital workplace is forcing companies to rethink how we work best and where we work, changing our traditional workplace into more of a digital workplace.

    Cool trick to customise your background in Microsoft Teams

    A few days back, Microsoft launched a new feature for Teams called Background Effects which everybody seems to be loving and using.

    How to return furloughed staff to work

    I know that we’re only just getting used to working in an environment where we’re all working remotely and some of our colleagues are furloughed or working reduced hours, but for those of us in an operations planning role, we have to try and look beyond the present to a time when those missing colleagues return to the workplace.

    Microsoft Teams features and updates – what’s new in Teams for 2020

    We have been using Teams from the very early days as well as constantly developing cool features for Microsoft Teams. We are so passionate about Teams that we thought we should share some of the new features that Microsoft have recently released as well as the ones they are currently working on.