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Empower every employee to share their expertise 

Gone are the days of the rigid intranet managed by a limited number of expert administrators. With Add it, every employee can now contribute content, regardless of their technical acumen.

Armed with the appropriate permissions, any employee can easily contribute to the organization's collective knowledge using an intuitive, step-by-step wizard.

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How Add It adds value

Saves time

Add It's enhanced user experience makes it simple for everyone within the organization to contribute.

Reduces the burden on IT staff

Add It simplifies tasks so that end users can do them by themselves, without requiring IT assistance.

Reduces costs with fewer mistakes

Add It ensures information is tagged and stored in the right place and that the correct templates are used.

Work the way you want it to be

Add It pre-configures contribution types and makes life simple for users.

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Add It Features

  • Powerful search to find the right workspace for the user's contribution.
  • Simple wizard to guide the user through the contribution process.
  • Dynamically presents all types of content within a site.
  • Additional security controls for editors.
  • Support for pre-configured types of content to be added.
  • Automatic tagging of content.
  • Available as a Microsoft Teams app.

Key benefits for employees

  • When uploading and tagging content, employees are spared the complexity of native Microsoft 365 tools.
  • An enhanced experience expedites employees’ ability to contribute knowledge and expertise.
  • A simplified, thorough search experience.
  • Colleagues can quickly and easily share insights.

Key benefits for IT

  • Employee self-service reduces the burden on IT staff.
  • Permissions are configured by administrators so employees can upload content without ‘breaking anything’.
  • Support for approval workflows reduces IT overhead.
  • Add It encourages (and can enforce) content tagging when employees upload content.
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Add It as a MS Teams app

Available as a Microsoft Teams app, Add It is incredibly simple-to-use, yet powerful and inclusive that enables all employees to contribute and share knowledge.

Add It enables employees to quickly and easily add:

  • Documents
  • Knowledge articles
  • External insights
  • News
  • Events
  • ...And more
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See Atlas in action!

Atlas is a versatile solution that caters to diverse business needs and purposes, delivering substantial business value. To truly appreciate its capabilities, we invite you to witness it in action.

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