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Enable simple contribution for everyone

Gone are the days of an outdated intranet where only a handful of people can administrate it. Any user can add any content anywhere without any technical knowledge. "Add It" enables simple contribution (of course with the right permission to do so) with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

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Key benefits for users

  • Avoid some of the complexity using native Office 365 tools to upload and tag content

  • Enhanced user experience makes it simple for everyone within an organisation to contribute.

  • Enables a much simplified search experience for users. 
  • Quickly and easily share useful insight with your co-workers

Key benefits for IT

  • Reduce the burden on IT staff. 
  • Add It is configured with relevant user permissions (so that users can safely add content “without breaking anything”) and with a workflow for approval when needed.
  • Add It encourages (and can force) tagging of content through the contribution process.

Atlas and Teams

Available as a Teams App

Atlas Add It is an incredibly simple-to-use tool, yet powerful and inclusive - enabling everyone in the organisation to participate and contribute knowledge.

Quickly and easily add: 

  • Documents
  • Knowledge articles
  • External insights
  • News
  • Events
  • And more
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