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A New Way to Work

Imagine everything your employees could ever need or want, stored on a single platform. Simple search, awesome information management and knowledge capabilities. All fully configurable.

That’s Atlas, a full stack digital workplace platform that extends far further than others ever could. 

Our three key capabilities of knowledge, collaboration and communications integrate seamlessly into your existing Microsoft 365 set up making Atlas the powerful, all-in-one digital platform that it is.


Atlas Digital Workplace Key Features

Atlas ConneX

A feature that automates Microsoft 365 governance, provisioning and workspace lifecycle management.

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Atlas Add It

An intuitive feature that allows any user to easily add content anywhere, no technical know-how required.

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Atlas Mandatory Read

Ensure key documents are read, available within users profiles to be re-read and tracked with analytics.

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Atlas HoverPoint

A simple solution for interactive imagery and effective learning. Anyone can create eye-catching and interactive images.

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Atlas In Focus

The Atlas In Focus web part allows you to display a variety of content on your page, personalised to a role, team, project or other criteria. 

Atlas API

The all-new Atlas API enables integration of information from any third party apps or systems.

Atlas ConneX Studio

Create custom workplace templates either delivered by your internal team or the ClearPeople team.

Atlas Enterprise Search

Atlas enhances Microsoft Search to surface people, workspaces and all content from a single interface.

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MS Teams Enhancements

Atlas seamlessly works in tandem with MS Teams and enhances the provisioning and user experience.

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User Experience

Atlas is fully responsive, giving users a consistent and enjoyable experience across device types.

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Driven by our passion for inclusivity, accessibility is one of Atlas’ key features.

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Collaboration & Social

Enhance the interoperability of Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Office and OneDrive.

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Analytics & Governance

Atlas extends Microsoft's analytics by offering deep reporting and helpful user insights.

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Templates & IM

Flexible site architecture, a full range of templates and rich, automated tagging enable powerful information management.

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Microsoft 365 Features

The full array of standard Microsoft 365 services is embedded into Atlas’ pages and templates.

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Atlas is secure by design and follows configurations within your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Localize your digital workplace with multi-lingual capabilities and supported languages.

Atlas Features for Knowledge and Collaboration

Atlas Knowledge Workplaces

Smart personalisation and tagging allows information to flow freely across teams and departments, making Atlas the space to publish and access knowledge.

Atlas Knowledge In Focus

Knowledge in Focus is a dynamic Atlas web part that is embedded on a page to automatically retrieve search results relevant to the page it resides in.

Yammer integration

Atlas pages have embedded Yammer feeds for online social business interactions and networking. Atlas can utilise Yammer Likes, Polls, Praise and in page commentary on all Atlas content pages.

Atlas People

Need to find a French speaking engineer based in the London office? The Atlas People web part will let you do just that, and then chat, call or email them directly.

Collaboration Workplaces

Atlas workplaces glue an organisation together. Whether across multiple divisions or smaller project teams, Atlas workplaces are highly versatile and facilitate modern collaborative working practices.

And so much more ...

To truly understand the power of Atlas why not book a demo? Our experienced team will be happy to show how Atlas can help with a personalised, no-obligation demo.

Atlas Communications Intranet Features

Atlas Spotlights

Atlas Spotlights dynamically highlight key pieces of information. 


Easily add and display events that are relevant to your employees.

Atlas Hero Mode

This feature showcases fresh and relevant content and, what's more, it's automated.   

Atlas Launchpad

Users have easy access to a range of tools in one place. Launchpad is fully customizable. 

Beautiful Workplace

We make SharePoint look beautiful. Choose from a range of templates or customise the look completely. 


Target news by audience, location and more. News is also displayed automatically in relevant workspaces. 

Employee Directory 

Atlas makes it quick and easy to connect with the right people.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your team abreast of important news and actions.

Plus many more features


Your Digital Workplace Playbook from the Pros

Atlas by ClearPeople is a "'digital worksplace', rather than just an intranet." - ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2022 

So download your free copy of our Digital Workplace Playbook now and find out how to:

  • Improve and enhance employee experience (and reap all the benefits of doing so)
  • Significantly increase productivity
  • Dramatically reduce time wasted on search and information gathering
  • Cut the costs of inefficient communication and collaboration
  • Enable remote working that works for employees and the business


Want to see how Atlas works?

The best way to see how Atlas works and to see the power of its features, is to watch a demo. No commitment, no expectations - we just want to show you what Atlas can do for your business. 

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