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Power new ways of working

Congratulations! Your search is over. Nothing else comes close to the power and flexibility of the Atlas Digital Workplace platform.

Imagine everything your employees could ever need or want, stored on a single platform. Simple search, awesome information management and knowledge capabilities. All fully configurable.

The Atlas Digital Workplace gives you all you all the necessary  capabilities for intranet, knowledge management, collaboration, governance & provisioning and AI, in a powerful all-in-one digital platform.

Atlas Digital Workplace Key Features

Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful governance tool for the creation, management and maintenance of communication, knowledge and collaboration workspaces across your Atlas and Microsoft 365 estate including Teams.

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Atlas ConneX Studio

Connex Studio is an additional Atlas tool that enables enterprises to create custom line of business templates to support engaging, consistent communication, knowledge and collaboration workspaces for teams and groups within their organization.

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Atlas Add It

Gone are the days of an outdated intranet where only a handful of people can administer it. Any user can add any content anywhere without any technical knowledge. It enables simple contribution with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

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Atlas In Focus

In Focus is a suite of web parts, deployed across the platform. They display and enable all users to discover news, events, knowledge pages, documents and people.

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Atlas In Focus Everywhere

In Focus Everywhere is a suite of web parts that work together to bring the next generation of search experiences to your Digital Workplace.

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Atlas HoverPoint

Unleash the power of imagery to inform and share key information in an engaging and interactive way.

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Atlas Mandatory Reads

It is essential that employees are compliant and informed of critical business information and processes. Atlas Mandatory Reads targets important information to specified users or groups. 

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Atlas Analytics

Atlas extends Microsoft's analytics by offering deep reporting and helpful user insights.

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Atlas Employee Directory

Atlas makes it quick and easy to connect with the right people.

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Atlas Launchpad

Users have easy access to a range of tools in one place from the main navigation bar. Applications can be targeted to specific user groups and controls placed on availability by operating system, e.g. Windows desktop, IOS etc.

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Atlas Search

Atlas Search is a feature-rich capability providing an outstanding end-user search experience, combined with options for AI and enterprise search integration across the wide variety of content sources in an enterprise.

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Atlas Apps in Teams

Atlas decreases the need for unnecessary meetings, excessive back-and-forth conversations and wasted time searching.

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Atlas Digital Workplace – more features


Target news by audience, location and more. News is also displayed automatically in relevant workspaces. News can also be personalized for each user.


Atlas Spotlights dynamically highlight key pieces of information. These could be news articles, documents, knowledge pages and each can be time bound to automatically appear/disappear from the feed.


Easily add and display events that are relevant to your employees. Employees can select an event and simply add to their calendar. Events can also be personalized for each user.


Easily add and display documents that are relevant to your employees. Documents are also displayed automatically in relevant workspaces. Documents can also be personalized for each user.


When using tools such as users can simply move email in and out of Atlas via MS Outlook. Email can then be displayed automatically in relevant workspaces. 


Easily add and display knowledge pages that are relevant to your employees. Knowledge is also displayed automatically in relevant workspaces. Knowledge can also be personalized for each user.

Alerts & notifications

Keep your team abreast of important news and actions.


FAQs let users simply find answers to the questions that they have and can be automatically displayed in the context of the page that the user is in.

External insights

A 'zero code' feature that enables users and teams to embed third party website content inside Atlas and make it available within Atlas search.


Useful links

Sign post your users to content, whether it’s within Atlas or other applications. 


The Atlas menu guides users to the content that they need. It can be displayed in two modes, HoverMenu or MegaMenu. It is based on permissions and elements can be targeted to specific user groups.

My Links

My Links are personal to the user. Configure links that matter to you, that take you quickly to content that you regularly need or that is important to you.

My Preferences

Users can specify the content that is of interest to them and Atlas will automatically deliver it to them in context.


From anywhere within Atlas, users can provide feedback to admins in relation to specific topics or pages that they are in.


In order to fully engage global employees, Atlas supports a number of different languages. Main navigations, Atlas tools and search all work in the specified language at all times.

Script Editor

Stock ticker, Weather, World clock, External News feed… the list is limitless. With the Script Editor, you can embed any custom or third-party scripts into your Atlas pages.

Page authors and properties

Embed Page Author (Primary, Contributing, Last) and metadata properties into any Atlas page.

Page templates

Atlas ships with a number of page templates to get you inspired, be it for communications, knowledge management or collaboration.

AAD Sync

This smart feature lets you sync Azure Active Directory Sync properties to the SharePoint user profile making them discoverable within Atlas. You can then choose to display these within the Atlas People cards and add to Atlas filters.

Term store backup

Often overlooked, there is no standard MS backup of the SharePoint term store. This tool provide daily backups, ensuring that your business critical metadata is kept safe at all times.

Atlas API

The Atlas API lets you make calls to the ConneX governance and provisioning tool to automatically create new workspaces for your business including new Microsoft Teams.

Discover Atlas

The best way to see how Atlas works and to see the power of its features, is to watch a demo. No commitment, no expectations – we just want to show you what Atlas can do for your business.

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