Use Cases

By Role

A company is not a company without its people. When ClearPeople created Atlas we wanted our platform to do more than just help people with communication, knowledge and collaboration. We wanted to build a platform that promotes inclusivity.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information so that they can be effective at work.

Internal Comms

Improve communication instantly. Atlas cuts through all the digital communication noise with relevant messages, regardless of where employees are located.

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Knowledge Manager

Atlas helps make knowledge contribution easy so more people can contribute, increases knowledge re-use and surfaces the right knowledge in the right context.
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Looking to consolidate multiple technology tools, replace legacy systems, provide more self-service and yet still have a secure, scalable and flexible solution?

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Human Resources

Human Experience is becoming key to your role. Atlas makes this simpler, so you get more done and at the same time helps employees to feel engaged and supported. 

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Corporate Legal

Your team is being held back by legacy tech, multiple systems and silos of information. Atlas connects knowledge and people and frees teams up to do what they do best.

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Office 365 governance and compliance can be time consuming and error prone if conducted manually. 

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Atlas increase the findability of knowledge easy and intuitive and makes collaboration simpler and effective.

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Frontline Workforce

Frontline workers are often your company’s first line of contact with customers, so they’re vital to creating a great customer experience.

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By Business Value

Atlas connects people to knowledge which in turn boosts productivity, enhances employee engagement, promotes innovation and increases staff retention.

Harness knowledge

The impact of losing staff is huge; the implications of losing their knowledge is potentially even greater.

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Engage remote workers

Atlas provides the right tools to support and make remote working engaging.

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Accelerate growth

Many of our clients use Atlas as a natural starting point for transforming their organisational productivity.

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Reduce operational costs

Atlas is proven to save time and money and to support revolutionary changes in working practices.

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Amplify communications

When employees are kept informed, their loyalty and satisfaction increase, improving the revenue and reputation of the company. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

There is no magic formula for M&As but we do know that Atlas has successfully helped our clients bridge cultures and people as well as enhance communication and collaboration.