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Working with the right partner can mean all the difference to a successful outcome. Every partner we work with is passionate about what they do, provide value to our joint customers and bring world-leading knowledge or technology to the table.

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Who do we partner with?

A successful implementation of Atlas is the culmination of technology and skills coming together in perfect harmony. No single digital workplace platform is its own island and we recognise the importance of our Technology Partners and Implementation Partners.

Atlas Implementation Partners

The Atlas Implementation Partner programme has been put in place to work closely with those partners that have a deep understanding of their markets and customers so as to get the best out of Atlas and Office 365.

Atlas Technology Partners

Atlas Technology Partners are passionate about building outstanding technology that benefit the end-customer in the Microsoft cloud stack.


Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, naturally Microsoft is our most important technology partner.  Atlas is built on, and for, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva. We leverage and co-exist with best-of-breed technologies.

Atlas technology partners

tyGraph analytics - Microsoft partner





Become an Atlas Implementation Partner

Atlas Implementation Partners work with their customers to transform productivity. Our partners are experts in digital transformation and adoption within their sectors. They also  care deeply about the long-term value they bring to their customers.

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