Atlas for Professional Services

The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on technology as an enabler of remote work, but that same technology causes information overload, user frustration, security risks and even more silos. We get this, so we've designed Atlas to streamline your company's digital tools and experiences into a single, accessible hub, filter out noise and connect people to knowledge precisely when and where it's needed.

The result is employees who are better engaged because the complexity of their work environment has been reduced and obstacles to finding knowledge are removed. People are empowered by a platform that allows everyone to tap into collective expertise and contribute their knowledge, and inspired by a digital experience that allows great communication, collaboration and stand-out customer service.

Use Cases

customer experience

Achieve CX greatness


Optimise collaboration

leverage talent

Leverage talent


Atlas solutions for the professional services sector

Enables CX greatness

Competition for clients' attention and business is fierce. Atlas enables you to get their attention by providing easy access to your services, and greater personalisation in how you deliver them. Atlas provides greater engagement for your team and your customers.

Engages your team

Atlas makes internal communication and collaboration part of your company DNA, providing a single digital hub that keeps your team in touch, engaged and informed no matter where they are or what device they're on. Atlas enables everyone to contribute and do their best work.

Powers up collaboration

When Atlas Knowledge Centre is deployed information flows dynamically across teams and departments thanks to smart personalisation. Silos are broken down, even in remote working or hybrid teams, as Atlas easily and efficiently connects people to people and people to knowledge.

Simplifies the workplace

With a single digital hub for all Microsoft technology, everyone can access the tools they need from one intuitive platform. Atlas solves the problems of having too many digital tools, too many silos, too much noise and stuff that's too hard to find.

Case Studies

Korn Ferry

This management consultancy wanted an intelligent workspace to get work done and deliver quality solutions for clients.

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