Microsoft Viva Connections available for free to Microsoft 365 Enterprise users

Ignite, Microsoft's annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners, is being celebrated 2nd to 4th March, 2021. On day 1 of the digital event, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Viva Connections will be available for free to Microsoft 365 Enterprise users.

Exchange Server patch alert - Please read & Immediately Action if you have Exchange on-prem

By Patrick Proesmans on March 3, 2021 in Best practice

Current risks to multiple different on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers where zero-day vulnerabilities are being exploited by a nation-state affiliated group. Please note that EXCHANGE ONLINE is not affected.

(Y)Our Success Department

By Patrick Proesmans on February 8, 2021 in Atlas

"People First" is one of our main company values and we don't want this to be just a nice phrase on a plaque on the wall. No, we see it as one of our top priorities in everything we do.

Creating Your First Microsoft Viva Topic

Viva Topics is the name announced on Feb 04 2021 as the official name for what was until now known as Project Cortex Topics, Topic Experience or Intelligent Topics. Watch a quick video on how a Viva Topics page is created.

Microsoft Viva Topics - First Look and Behind the Scenes

Watch a short video of Microsoft Viva Topics as it appears just after the initial set-up process in ClearPeople's own Microsoft 365 tenant.

Microsoft Viva Topics - walk-through of set-up

Want to know how to set-up Microsoft Viva Topics? Here is a short walk through of the steps to get Microsoft Viva Topics set-up in a Microsoft 365 tenant.

What is Collective Intelligence?

By Katya Linossi on January 8, 2021

Collective intelligence is the process by which a large group of individuals gather and share their knowledge, data and skills for the purpose of solving societal issues.

What is Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex?

By Gabriel Karawani on January 5, 2021 in Project Cortex

In 2020, ClearPeople was announced as one of just 17 Microsoft global launch partners and recognised with Preferred Partner status for Project Cortex, Microsoft’s initiative to make AI capabilities available within Microsoft 365.

Use Authenticator Apps and move away from SMS and voice

By Patrick Proesmans on November 17, 2020 in Best practice

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has now been widely accepted and used as a best practice. All your creds are belong to us, is a nice blog that outlines vulnerabilities in credentials other than passwords and highlights the promise of passwordless, cryptographically protected creds like FIDO, Windows Hello, and the Authenticator App.

YAML and Classic UI in Azure DevOps Pipelines

By Ruben Almenar on November 16, 2020

In this post we are aiming to clarify the advantages of one over the other in a daily use from a development team point of view.

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