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    Viva Topics is retired... now what?  FAQs and alternatives to Viva Topics

    On February 22, 2024 Microsoft announced that Viva Topics will be retired (

    If you are here because you are looking for an alternative to Viva Topics, you can jump straight to read Atlas Knowledge Topics pages here.

    Atlas Knowledge Topics: powerful experience & alternative to Viva Topics

    On February 22, 2024 Microsoft announced that Viva Topics will be retired ( If you are looking for an alternative to Viva Topics, following Microsoft having officially announced its retirement by February 2025, you have come to the right place.

    This blog covers the following:

    Best legal document management software. What's right for your law firm?

    Managing documents effectively is crucial for law firms. A robust document management system (DMS) can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.

    In the rapidly evolving legal sector, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Legal document management software has emerged as a critical tool. However, with numerous options available in the market, selecting the right document management software for your law firm can be a daunting task. This blog aims to guide you through the process of choosing the right legal document management software.

    In this blog:

    Exploring the Top Knowledge Management Trends for 2024

    The knowledge management (KM) landscape is rapidly evolving, propelled by technological advancements and changing organizational needs. What will 2024 bring?

    3 ways Product Management teams use Atlas AI Assistant

    In today’s fast-paced product development world, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. A staggering 66% of product leaders trust AI to summarize and analyze results, yet only a fraction, 15%, fully utilize its capabilities ( In this blog post, Iwill share how weuse Atlas AI Assistant, a tool that's revolutionizing the way we approach product management at ClearPeople.

    Discover the future of Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms with the new ClearBox 2024 Report – featuring Atlas

    Staying informed about the latest trends and technologies in intranet and employee experience platforms is crucial for any business aiming to foster a productive, engaged, and collaborative workforce. This is where the latest ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 report becomes a useful resource. It's not just a report; it's a comprehensive guide that delves into the world of intranet and employee experience platforms, offering invaluable insights for organizations of all sizes. And if you're specifically interested in the cutting-edge advancements, Atlas, featured in this report, is a must-read section.

    Overwriting Azure OpenAI API api-version property using Semantic Kernel

    As you have seen in my previous articles, we are doing a ton of work around Azure OpenAI. When dealing with OpenAI, I truly recommend the use of the open source library Semantic Kernel (

    The 3 Steps to Enterprise AI Readiness: A Practical Guide

    The talk about AI has gone from science fiction to DIY, seemingly overnight. First, we saw the roll out of ChatGPT, then the announcement of Microsoft 365 Copilot, and finally…. Bam! Now, everything is AI. There is even an AI toothbrush and an AI-powered beehive. With so much hype, it’s not surprising pressure is mounting within organizations to ‘do something’ with AI. It’s not a stretch to say that business today is experiencing AI FOMO. That’s why a 2023 Gartner report finds a whopping 85% of organizations are in early stages of exploring AI, with 70% investigating and 15% piloting Generative AI programs.

    Deep Dive on Artificial Intelligent (AI) token counter libraries

    In the past few months, I have been fortunate to work on Atlas AI. This has provided me with deeper insight into AI token counter libraries and I thought I would share some of my learnings. 

    Top AI KM Tools: Guide to top AI knowledge management tools

    Knowledge management goes beyond simply storing information. It involves capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge. The right knowledge management (KM) tools can break down information silos, promote collaboration, and provide insights that drive strategic business decisions. And now Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge tools are pivotal for knowledge productivity, offering quick access to information, reducing duplication of efforts, and fostering innovation.