Atlas ConneX

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Making organisations and its people more agile.

Atlas ConneX is a powerful tool for Office 365 provisioning and governance and is provided with powerful search to easily navigate across all your Atlas workspaces and O365 Groups, all in a single interface. 

Most IT tools are designed so those who know how, can use it. Atlas ConneX on the other hand, enables more people across the organisation to easily create the Sites, Teams and Groups that they need, when they need them – backed by a powerful governance framework.

Atlas empowers the many.

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Reduce the burden on IT

Users often have to request that IT creates new collaboration spaces which is often very time-consuming and prone to errors. The business therefore becomes less agile and users more frustrated.

Collaborate more efficiently

Atlas ConneX addresses this business challenge, and efficiently lets a non-technical user create a collaboration space with the right permissions and structure within minutes: but still following rules laid down by the business. Atlas ConneX is a game changer for IT and business users!


Easily navigate across Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and more.

Atlax ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams. This powerful tool is your launchpad to all your collaboration areas across Office 365 and gives you visibility of the groups you belong to and which ones you can join.

Benefits of Atlas ConneX


Extend visibility 

Powerful search surfaces and extends all  collaboration spaces.


Empower agility

Give users the freedom to create the spaces that they need to do their job.


Enhance governance

Apply policy and maintain visibility at all time. Expose compliance issues.


Reduce the burden on IT

Simplify the provisioning process for users and enable self-serve.


Save time

Empower users with simple intuitive tools keeping them engaged and satisfied.


Designed for everybody

An intuitive, wizard driven interface designed for everybody, not just techies.

Atlas Connex - Setting up a new workspace

The automated governance tool
for growing Teams

Manage access (internal and external), check for duplicates, provide taxonomy tagging, notify business owners and admins.

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Provisioning, Visibility and Control

Multiple templates, wizard driven interface to guide the user, notifications and status updates.

Powerful dashboards that can be filtered by type, owner, status, date created and taxonomy.

Atlas - My Connex

Find what you need instantly

Take the tedium out of having to separately navigate across Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer Groups, Planner, SharePoint, and other tools. With Atlas ConneX you can easily search for content across your core collaboration areas to surface the right information in just a few seconds.

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