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Meet ConneX: The easiest way to provision Microsoft Teams

ConneX is a robust Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning tool provided with Atlas to enable employees to seamlessly create, manage, and maintain Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams assets, all in one place.

ConneX includes a wizard that accompanies the process of creating a workspace, automatically applying tags, adding the organization's information management model, and automating new Workspaces, in the navigation bar. Employees spend less time on tedious Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning tasks and more time getting work done.

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Manage Microsoft Teams with automated efficiency 

Ready-to-use templates: ConneX comes loaded with pre-made templates you can use to get started fast.

Built-in business tools: Extend ConneX for further Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning uses with Line of Business tools, security controls, and more.

Automation at scale: Automatically create workspaces with the correct taxonomy tagging, notify business owners, and scale your operation with ease.

Best practice governance: Workspaces are created effectively and securely through a framework that applies your policies and ensures compliance, taking the stress out of Teams provisioning.

Team management tools: ConneX is more than just a Microsoft 365 governance tool; it provides a dashboard for managing your teams, creating reports, and every task in between. 

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"ConneX is the jewel in the Atlas crown… providing a fast ROI on any Atlas subscription service; even if it were used solely to manage Microsoft Teams sprawl, it could make the investment in Atlas worthwhile."

- Deep Analysis Report 2023

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Why use ConneX

Enables agility

Unlock the freedom to create the workspaces you need, build collaborative spaces, and enable non-technical users to handle tasks with greater efficiency and fewer headaches. 

Saves time

Empower users with intuitive tools that allow you to navigate across Microsoft Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and other apps in seconds, so you can find the content you need fast. 

Builds freedom

Lessen the burden on your IT department by enabling self-serve Microsoft 365 provisioning, creating a system that fuses agility, collaboration, and standardization without draining your IT resources. 

Boosts governance

Apply policy and maintain visibility at all times and across all platforms, giving you the power to spot compliance issues before they escalate into a larger problem. 

Extends visibility 

With the powerful Atlas search surfaces, you can extend visibility to all collaborative spaces, making it easier than ever to manage your team and streamline your business growth. 

Fuels inclusion

Atlas ConneX isn’t another tool made with techies in mind. This intuitive, wizard-driven interface was designed for all levels of technical know-how, allowing your team to work in harmony. 

Video demo: watch ConneX in action 

Ready to experience the ConneX difference? With our fast, efficient Teams and Microsoft 365 provisioning tools, growing your workspaces (and business) just got a whole lot easier.

Fill in your details to watch our 3-minute video introducing you to the world of ConneX. 

  • Hannah Powell

    Marketing & Communications Officer
    "Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and enables us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide both corporate and localised information that is relevant to all business lines."
  • Phil White

    Head of Technology
    "I rest a bit easier knowing that we got a platform that they came come and find the information they need to know or need to do."
  • Ryan Macnamee

    Group Chief Officer
    "What has been key is the ability to deliver complex features and functionality through a simple and engaging user experience that makes sense to our users wherever they are, in the office, on-site or in a firstline worker role."
  • Deep Analysis Report 2023

    "What jumped out in our research was ConneX. At first glance, this appears to be a centralized, user-friendly UI to provide visibility and findability into things such as groups, access rights, and content. But a closer look reveals robust governance and provisioning capabilities hiding in plain sight... It goes further than most provisioning and admin products, as it provides accurate metadata and applies structures to spaces and their associated content."

Key Governance & Provisioning features

Management dashboard provides filtered views of all workspaces.

Controlled self-service provisioning of Teams and SharePoint workspaces.

Pre-built workspace templates for faster space creation.

Easily add Visitors (readers) to Teams.

Naming conventions and default taxonomy applied to all workspaces in real time.

Sensitivity label support.

API available for advanced integrations with other line of business tools.

Available as a web part with multiple configurations within any Atlas page.


One single dashboard, endless collaborations

Organize. Documents and information from Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint can be easily accessed from one central place.

Connect. Overcome the sprawl of Microsoft Teams with a smart dashboard that allows users to jump straight into their collaboration workspaces with one click.

Filter. Streamline your search by filtering by type, owner, status, date created, and taxonomy.

Mitigate. Complete 360 views of groups with external users, helping you quickly identify potential security risks.

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More than enterprise search

Atlas goes beyond just organizing and surfacing your company’s knowledge. It helps you create it too.

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