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Why choose Atlas

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A better, smarter way to work right now

Atlas is a digital workplace platform that transforms the way organizations connect, collaborate and grow. And there's never been a greater need for this than now.

Faced with disconnected teams, a burgeoning sprawl of digital tools and information overwhelm, companies count on Atlas to streamline work, make it easier to work smarter and increase productivity.

With its intuitive interface, powerful knowledge capabilities and robust governance and provisioning features, Atlas optimizes and consolidates your technology investment today – and for the future.

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Our customers achieve more

$1.5m p.a. savings

on time on search

30% reduction

in mundane and repetitive tasks

$150K+ savings

by consolidating operating costs

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Atlas' super-power is the way it enables organizations to leverage their knowledge

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An excellent resource if you need to:

  • Overcome knowledge management challenges
  • Increase productivity by up to 30%
  • Optimize your Microsoft 365 investment
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ClearBox Report 2023

"Atlas provides one of the most comprehensive and capable platforms for supporting knowledge management processes on top of Microsoft 365."

– ClearBox Consulting

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Webinar: Knowledge Productivity & AI

A thought-provoking discussion about conquering the information overload challenge and optimizing knowledge productivity in the age of AI.
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7 ways Atlas increases organizational success

A unified view of everything from one platform

Combining intranet, collaboration and knowledge management in a single platform, Atlas brings coherence to the thousands of collaboration spaces and content that may be scattered across Microsoft 365 and other systems. 

Turns Microsoft Teams into Teams+

Atlas simplifies the Microsoft Teams user experience and extends its uses and capabilities, increasing usage and adoption. 

The freedom of automation and governance

With powerful governance functionality for creating, managing and maintaining workspaces, and automation that works in the background, Atlas enables employees to self-serve, freeing up your internal IT team.  

Knowledge for the many, not the few

By placing inclusivity and accessibility at the core of Atlas, we have developed a solution that addresses longstanding knowledge-related obstacles within organizations and brings about transformative change.

Securely connecting people across boundaries

Atlas extends Teams to become a single hub for both internal and external collaboration, connecting employees, customers, partners and even not-for-profit volunteers. 

Consolidates your technology

Atlas replaces legacy systems and simplifies the array of digital tools required. Atlas augments Microsoft 365, enhancing the user experience and leveraging its capabilities so organizations can optimize their technology investment.

Gets your people and data ready for AI

Atlas provides structure and governance to your data and helps people safely engage with AI in keeping with your organizational policies. Atlas fully supports and enhances Microsoft 365 Copilot, SharePoint Syntex and Viva Topics.  

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The capabilities and features that make Atlas stand out.

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What our clients say

  • Joe Hilger

    “[Atlas] solves enterprise knowledge challenges and has the vision to do so in a way that is transformative.”
  • ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report 2023 

    “For companies looking to take a more structure approach to how they manage knowledge, govern collaboration spaces, and ultimately get more from their Microsoft 365 investment, Atlas offers some very valuable tools that set it apart from the competition.”
  • Matthew Tate

    “Atlas is the cohesive glue that helps us meet the challenges of being a rapidly growing company across different teams and countries – particularly with things like findability and usability. Atlas makes knowledge and document management a part of our company culture and keeps us moving forward.”
  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    “Our content that had been across the board in file shares and other legacy systems is now in one place. And now we can start to do things that have been very difficult to do in the past. I’m very excited because, for the first time we’ve got insight into all the content that we’ve got and we can start to build on that content and to do some very interesting things with it.”
  • KPMG
    “We've been really impressed by what we've been able to achieve, surfacing content that even our knowledge management team wouldn't necessarily have associated with a particular topic, but was relevant to users where they're already working just based on their inputs into their day-to-day work, so frictionless surfacing of content ... in a dynamic, accessible way through a combination of Atlas and Viva Topics.”

Move from knowledge management to knowledge productivity

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Download this eBook for proven strategies to tackle common knowledge management challenges head-on.

Whether you're struggling with information silos, lack of efficient collaboration, or knowledge retention issues, this eBook equips you with actionable insights to overcome these obstacles.