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Why choose Atlas

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A better, smarter way to work

Atlas effortlessly brings knowledge to employees, so they can focus on work instead of looking for information. Unlike alternatives, Atlas auto-tags and consolidates Microsoft 365 and other content, creating a unified business-oriented platform employees use to drive the business forward.

With Atlas, employees receive the most accurate and authoritative answers, without having to learn new applications or business processes.

Our customers achieve more

2-20% increase in revenue

by unlocking knowledge from enterprise systems


$1.5m p.a. time saving

so employees can add more value to their customers

30% less repetitive tasks

by collating information from the business or similar tasks

$150K+ savings

by consolidating legacy and custom solutions

7 ways Atlas increases organizational success

Creates a unified view of everything, from one platform

Combining intranet, collaboration and knowledge management into a single AI-powered platform for Microsoft 365, Atlas brings coherence to the thousands of collaboration spaces and content scattered across Microsoft 365 and other systems.

Provides freedom through governance and automation

With powerful governance functionality for creating, managing and maintaining workspaces, Atlas enables employees to self-serve, freeing up your internal IT team. Additionally, Atlas makes your organization AI-ready.

Turns Microsoft Teams into Teams+

Atlas simplifies the Microsoft Teams user experience, expanding its uses and capabilities, thereby increasing usage and adoption.

Securely connects people across boundaries

Atlas expands the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, transforming it into a unified hub for both internal and external collaboration. This connectivity bridges employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and even not-for-profit volunteers.

Makes knowledge accessible to all employees

By placing inclusivity and accessibility at the core of Atlas, we have developed a solution that effectively tackles longstanding knowledge-related challenges within organizations, ushering in transformative change.

Extends Generative AI and Microsoft Copilot to all employees

Atlas enables employees to tap into the most credible sources of enterprise knowledge through a variety of copilot experiences. Moreover, Atlas promotes smooth employee adoption of AI by seamlessly supporting familiar Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Consolidates incumbent technology

Atlas replaces legacy systems, simplifying the digital tool landscape. It augments Microsoft 365 by enhancing the native user experience to maximize an organization’s technology investments.


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Atlas' super-power is the way it enables organizations to leverage their knowledge


KPMG UK: Journey to Success with Atlas

Watch the full recording from our first in-person event of the year, hosted at London's Microsoft's Technology Centre.

Stuart Tait, CTO at KPMG UK Tax & Legal shared the firms success journey with Atlas, from early problem statements, challenges and visions for the future.

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ClearBox Report 2024

"Building on Microsoft 365, Atlas plays heavily towards information rich organisations looking to support and mature their knowledge management capabilities."

– ClearBox Consulting

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Webinar: Knowledge Productivity & AI

A thought-provoking discussion about conquering the information overload challenge and optimizing knowledge productivity in the age of AI.
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Move from knowledge management to knowledge productivity

A new era of Knowledge. Knowledge Productivity Guide



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