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Atlas for Knowledge Managers

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Are you a knowledge professional looking for the most advanced Knowledge Management platform for Microsoft 365? Look no further!

Atlas is designed to make contributing, finding and sharing knowledge on Microsoft 365 simpler, with features like automatic tagging, powerful search capabilities, and integration with your existing systems.

Get ready for knowledge in the flow of your work and improve knowledge management today!

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Get your knowledge solution up and running quickly

Starting knowledge management from scratch takes time, lots of energy and requires a significant budget. At ClearPeople, we purposely set out to build Atlas so that organizations can take better advantage of knowledge quickly and effectively.

Related knowledge, tagging, easy contribution, personalization, context driven content targeting, knowledge digests, semantic and other advanced search features, related people, multiple author types, and much more. It's all there for you to use.

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One click away from capturing information, wherever it exists

Atlas Add It is an incredibly simple-to-use tool, yet powerful and inclusive - enabling everyone in the organization to participate and contribute knowledge with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard" approach.

Your users will no longer need to worry about "where do I go?", "what do I select?" and "do I have permissions?".

It's easy, it frictionless and it's one click away.

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Smart organization of knowledge

Latest knowledge articles, documents, external insights, people, conversations in Yammer and more. All smartly brought together for you by Atlas in each knowledge workspace.

And as a user, it is knowledge served on a plate. Knowledge comes to me as I move from workspace to workspace - I don't even have to search.

But it doesn't stop there, with the underlying security and compliance features, you have complete control over who sees what content, whether the user is within a knowledge workspace or performing a knowledge search.

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Success Story

Korn Ferry’s Journey to a Global Intelligent Workspace. One platform to effectively communicate, collaborate and manage knowledge across the entire organization.

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Atlas places your knowledge in your control



  • Who knows what we know?
  • Knowledge is lost when people leave the company
  • There’s no centralized knowledge area
  • No mechanism for content to be periodically reviewed for accuracy

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How Atlas solves this

  • Surfaces relevant, contextualized knowledge even when you don’t know it’s available
  • A central hub for knowledge management
  • Automated workflows ensure work is reviewed and verified