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Overcome the complexities of document management


Increase productivity with Atlas 

Are you looking for a solution to fully leverage Microsoft 365 and get more value out of Microsoft SharePoint?

Atlas automates complex document management tasks, auto tag content, overcomes Microsoft 365 sprawl and improves the search experience for users.

Atlas enables employees to create, share and collaborate on documents easily, driving productivity and saving time. 

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Atlas saves hours of wasted staff time

Do your employees spend hours searching for the right documents and all they get is frustrated?

Document manageemnt is powerful, but if not properly implemented it can turn messy and leave you facing the following issues:

  • Unstructured storage
  • Poor document search and navigation
  • Document duplication or loss
  • Low security and no compliance support
  • Inferior user adoption

All this means wasted time, loss of productivity and unhappy staff. But Atlas can help

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Atlas makes document management easy

Structured view of business-critical information such as projects, customers, contracts and more.

Consistent user experience: simple classification of content.

Automatic application of metadata when documents are dragged and dropped into SharePoint or Teams.

Overcomes digital sprawl: Atlas provides a centralized platform that aggregates and organizes information from different sources, making it easier to navigate and manage the wealth of data within an organization.

Visual prompts for users to complete important fields that cannot be applied automatically

Security is assured with Atlas. 

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  • Benefits of a modern digital workplace DMS
  • What next and how to make the move
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Document Management experts

We have built a reputation as the go-to supplier for SharePoint Document Management, a reputation solidified as a preferred Microsoft partner for Content Services.

ClearPeople is also a two-time winner of the Project of the Year award at the Document Manager Magazine Awards.

Document management is not just a feature of the Atlas platform; it is a fundamental aspect of its vision to transform how organizations access, share, and leverage documents and knowledge. Atlas aims to create more connected, collaborative, and intelligent workplaces.

Read more about Atlas in the report by Deep Analysis - information automation and management analysts. 

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Fully leverage SharePoint and Microsoft 365 with Atlas

Save time

Intranet, document management and knowledge management experiences within one platform.

Reduce complexity

Use and manage M365 as a document management system. Make the SharePoint experience more intuitive for filing, retrieval and for sharing.

Improve findability

Provide much faster access to important documents you have been searching for.

Reduce stress

Reduce the governance and compliance stress for employees. Simplifying tagging and metadata in SharePoint.

Reuse existing content

Not isolating information in SharePoint from related information outside of SharePoint.

Maximize investment

Atlas is the platform of choice for businesses using Microsoft 365 and to deliver on your document management aspirations.