Atlas Pricing

Complicated into Straightforward

You operate in a complex world and we want Atlas to make things more straightforward, so our pricing includes everything in a single subscription and you're not penalised for every extra user you add.

Our pricing includes:

  • Support and success services
  • Regular product updates
  • Your dedicated client success team
  • Volume-based pricing

Once you fill out the form we will be in touch so that we can align what you need from the Atlas feature set with your business objectives. 

Discounts are available to public healthcare organisations, approved national or international charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Atlas is best-suited to organisations that employ at least 250 people.




How do I purchase Atlas?

Atlas can be purchased directly from ClearPeople. Please fill out the demo form and we will be in touch with you. We will demonstrate the Atlas product suite by aligning the feature sets of Atlas with your business objectives. We will also outline the implementation and ongoing support steps necessary to ensure success.

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What are the contractual terms?

Atlas is purchased on a subscription basis for a minimum of 12 months. Longer terms can also be agreed.

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Do you regularly release new features?

Yes, we regularly update Atlas with some great features. Our roadmap contains numerous new features inspired by our customers. 

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Atlas Screenshot Knowledge in Focus

The Key Capabilities That Power Atlas

Atlas has three key capabilities, all of which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365, to make Atlas the powerful, all-in-one digital workspace it is.
1. Atlas Knowledge Management - Learn more 
2. Atlas Comms Intranet - Learn more
3. Atlas Collaboration - Learn more

Each of these key capabilities are further enhanced by our core features such as smart provisioning tools, insights and accessibility.
See All Features