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Atlas Internal Employee Directory

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Need an expert? Atlas will find them

Atlas makes it quick and easy to connect with the right people internally.

Atlas uses your Microsoft 365 Employee Directory and allows you to filter by office location, department or title. Sync other properties from Azure Active Directory and they can be discovered and filtered within Atlas too. Display and group people by department or skill. 

How the Atlas Employee Directory improves productivity

Identifies the right expert

Employees can quickly and easily find the experts they need, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

Faster employee onboarding

New starters are typically are overwhelmed with new names and faces and who is responsible for what. The Employee Directory reduces awkward encounters.

Strengthens company culture

When employees know how they fit in the bigger picture, they can easily establish their identity and understand their purpose within the company.

Simplifies collaboration

The Employee Directory helps people easily identify who has the experience and knowledge to  best help out with particular projects or challenges.


Search based on Location, Department or Title and other keywords.

Employees grouped by department or skills.

A range of display modes.

Syncs additional data from the user profile in AAD.

See Atlas in action!

Atlas has multiple uses and helps different teams achieve their different goals, so a demo really is the best way to understand what it does.

Our experienced team will listen to your pain points and objectives, and demo how Atlas can help. No commitment or expectations – we just want to show Atlas off.

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