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Atlas for IT Team

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Atlas reduces the burden on IT

IT are enabled to work with the business to set the rules and governance framework, giving  users the freedom to self-serve.

Atlas therefore increases visibility, flexibility and massively reduces delivery time. 

Atlas provides powerful templates for communication, knowledge management and collaboration for both Classic and Modern SharePoint environments.

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Decrease IT's workload with self-service features and less legacy systems to support

Reduce data silos and duplication of groups

Expose compliance and governance issues

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Atlas Connect

Self-service is mandatory

A more disparate workforce means self-service becomes mandatory not a nice-to-have. Atlas Connect is a powerful tool for Office 365 provisioning and governance. Let your users create the Sites, Teams and Groups that they need – backed by a powerful governance framework.

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Search made easy

Take the tedium out of having to separately search for what you need in different tools such as Teams, Yammer, Office 365 Groups etc. With Group Explorer you can easily find the right information in just a few seconds.

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Success Story

A single, robust and user friendly digital platform for a diverse, global workforce to facilitate simple and easy access to information and document sharing.

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Atlas for HR

With Atlas you can ensure each new employee is given the same onboarding experience, no documents are overlooked, and proper training takes place.

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Atlas for Internal Comms

Atlas aides in the creation of communication as well as findability of content and all of this presented in a beautiful and intuitive workspace.

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Atlas for Compliance

Governance and compliance can be time consuming. Atlas not only aids findability of knowledge but helps mitigate risk and comply with policies and regulations. 

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