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Atlas AI Starter Pack

Atlas AI, for your journey to using AI with authoritative knowledge collections

Introducing the Atlas AI Starter Pack

ClearPeople is excited to offer the Atlas AI Starter Pack, designed for organizations looking to embark on their AI journey and leverage their own data.

This comprehensive package combines the power of Atlas AI with Microsoft 365 to help you unlock the full potential of AI while ensuring the accuracy and security of your information.

The program is available to both existing Atlas customers and to organizations that are new to Atlas. 

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The Atlas AI Starter Pack includes:

Data Readiness and Preparation:

Our team will work with you to discover key user scenarios, review data in M365, agree on the scope of data, and plan the technical deployment. This ensures that your AI tools interact with accurate, validated, trustworthy, and private data. 

Atlas Deployment for AI:

We will deploy the Atlas platform, configure Azure OpenAI, set up Atlas auto-tagging, and configure the Atlas platform in SharePoint Online (SPO) and Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration allows for high-quality, trustworthy responses and content generation for your business. 

Configure a Knowledge Collection:

Our experts will set up and configure an Atlas Knowledge Base workspace, ensuring security and proper settings. We will also identify and load authoritative documentation, creating a single source of truth across your organization's multitude of Knowledge Bases. 

Experience Atlas AI's three unique capabilities:

The Atlas AI Starter Pack offers insights into three unique, enterprise-grade capabilities for your organization. In a matter of weeks, and with minimal effort, your organization can take advantage of Generative AI inside Microsoft 365 with the Atlas AI Starter Pack. Contact ClearPeople today to discuss how we can help you embark on your AI journey and harness the power of your data.

Authoritative Content Sources:

Atlas AI also introduces knowledge owners to Atlas Knowledge Collections, a new innovative concept, defining an authoritative source of truth across an organization’s multitude of Knowledge Bases. Knowledge owners will experience how to effectively manage their gold standard content, ensuring that rogue versions, copies, and drafts are not consumed by AI. 

Knowledge Copilot Experiences:

Atlas AI delivers knowledge copilot experiences where it matters and in context.

For organizations using Microsoft 365 Copilot, Atlas AI's Knowledge Collections will be available as plugins (subject to Microsoft roadmap), providing up-to-date and authoritative sources of truth.

End-to-End Control and Visibility:

Atlas AI offers governance of permissions-based usage and cost controls, logging of user actions and prompts, and analytics of usage.

This allows organizations to safely and confidently roll out and benefit from Generative AI technology.  

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We can't wait to welcome you to the Atlas AI journey.

  • Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2023

    "Atlas excels when it comes to organizing and retrieving information. It makes extensive use of metadata and filters, and when combined with Viva Topics adds a powerful yet pleasing experience of interactive cards appearing with a mouse-over gesture."
  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    "With SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva Topics, we’ve found a way now, at scale, to bring together all our information and people, identify those sorts of experts inside our business and also identify and manage information into more manageable topics."
  • Kevin Brown

    IT Director
    "We now have a place where people can collaborate digitally. We really wanted to remove the firm-wide reliance on network shares, duplications and out-of-date documents. Our aim was to help our people to manage their documents more effectively so that they retain their relevance and are accessible within our teams."