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Partner Programme

Ready to join something amazing?

Three reasons to join the Atlas Implementation Partner programme:


As a partner you will be able to unlock your customer's potential by delivering a leading and award winning digital platform.

You will be able to combine your customer and sector knowledge with the Atlas Digital Workspace as well as the assistance and support of our team.


You are doing something great for your customer - because, Atlas users get more out of Office 365, they see higher adoption rates and higher engagement.

Atlas users are more engaged and contribute more knowledge to the benefit of the whole organisation.


You are helping your customer to transform productivity, connect people to knowledge, and reduce overhead costs. 

Atlas helps deliver both tangible and intangible efficiency and cost-saving measures. For the short- and the long-term

Partner benefits

There are many advantages and benefits of being an Atlas Implementation Partner. Here are three popular ones:


Our active partners have access to our presales team, providing support and assistance through-out the sales process.

The most common request is to help you deliver your first few demos to your qualified customer opportunities, which our team is of course delighted to do.

Demo kit

We will help your team deploy and build-out your own demo environment with demo users and demo content to get your started.

This also includes Atlas Connect and Atlas Group Explorer.

Technical On-Ramp

We will ramp up your technical capabilities in no time, and provide your team with access to the same knowledge base, videos and technical material that our own team uses.

Internal Use Rights

We believe in drinking the cool-aid and the champagne. So we encourage our partners to take advantage of Internal Use Rights available to our active partners.

Apply now

Apply now if you are ready to join something amazing.

Applications will be reviewed within 5 business days, after which our team will be in contact to discuss your application in more detail.

Please note that we work closely with each applicant to understand:

  • Suitable fit in terms of geography, sectors and capabilities.
  • Whethere there may be any conflict with existing partners (this will be important to you if you join as a partner).
  • Your plans and objectives.