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Can you find what you're looking for – from anywhere?

Is that nugget of information in SharePoint, Teams, in an email or somewhere completely different?  If you can't find stuff, feel there's generally too much content across too many digital tools and that no one is able to find what they're looking for, you are not alone. 

This is one of the fundamental challenges we address with Atlas.

Atlas delivers relevant search results, increasing productivity and saving time, across the enterprise and its data sources.

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Enterprise Search capabilities

Out of the box, Atlas search aggregates content across separate silos in Microsoft 365, helping you find information, people and collaboration workspaces from within a single interface. 

Atlas enterprise search enables you to go much further, connecting numerous content sources, such as SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, iManage and more into your end-users' search experiences. With Atlas enterprise search you can take advantage of AI, machine learning and automation to deliver outstanding search results.

Our enterprise search capabilities are developed with three core capabilities in mind: sources, grounding, and user experience.

Core capabilities


Atlas is developed natively within Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online, and includes tight integration with SmartHub for Atlas. This means data source support for SharePoint Online search, Microsoft Search (and any indexed connectors) as well as over 90 connectors/connections to sources via SmartHub for Atlas.


Importantly, content sources are aligned with Atlas' search experience, dependent on the source system type.

In addition to advanced permissions mapping and trimming, advanced grounding is also supported to include alignment of tagging values (i.e. content tagged in two systems is assigned a common taxonomy definition). 

User experience

The end-result for users is what matters the most. With Atlas, people are able to:

  • Find knowledge fast with a consistent search experience.
  • Discover data that resides in data and system silos across the enterprise.
  • Use filters to achieve desired results within and across content sources.

Enterprise Search features

Data sources

Atlas includes support of Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online Search and SmartHub for Atlas. You have the ability to change the data source with a single click and zero code.

Permission trimming

Permission trimming is supported across source systems (subject to the permissions being set in the source system) and is the default behaviour in Microsoft 365 content sources.

Ease of use

Atlas provides an intuitive and consistent interfaces to multiple data sources with previews, source labels and other descriptors to make it easy for users.

Layout control

Full control and flexibility in terms of the layout of search results. Including control over result display fields, as well as actionable links mapped through to refined results. 

Field grounding/alignment

Align the naming of fields with a common nomenclature across data sources and connections, to ensure that users get a consistent experience.

Taxonomy grounding/alignment

A good search filter relies on an aligned dictionary or taxonomy. With SmartHub for Atlas multiple definitions of the same term, can be aligned to the common Atlas taxonomy.

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