Financial Services and Insurance

Atlas delivers solutions for the financial services sector:

Engage and retain clients with Atlas.

Increases client retention

Atlas optimises collaboration.

Optimises collaboration

Atlas ensures industry compliance.

Ensures compliance

Financial institutions are thinking strategically about their technological infrastructure and the tools they need to grow in a new world of work. The need for agile, secure, scalable and robust technology is clear.

Financial services professionals expect technology solutions to work for them, reducing inefficiencies, enhancing productivity and providing the ability to work anywhere at any time, all while maintaining the compliance and security that's critical to them.

ClearPeople has been delivering Microsoft digital solutions to the financial services sector for over 15 years and has designed Atlas, an all-in-one, user-friendly workplace for knowledge management, communication and collaboration that's built on and for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva, to support our clients.
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How Atlas works for the financial services sector

Optimises collective knowledge

People empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to do their best work are your most valuable assets. Atlas connects people to people and knowledge.

Ensures compliance

Atlas makes information governance and compliance simpler and easy to administer, in one secure, centralised location. Atlas reduces risk.

Provides support and flexibility

Atlas supports financial services workers’ needs by providing a work-from-anywhere workplace with the technology and digital tools they need. Atlas builds a great employee experience.

Reduces complexity, fuels productivity

A user-friendly digital hub built on and for the Microsoft 365 technology stack, Atlas resolves the problems of having too many digital tools, too much noise and stuff that's hard to find. Atlas provides effective simplicity.

Improves internal communication

Atlas makes internal communication and finding essential information intuitive and efficient. With Atlas it's easier to reach and align an increasingly dispersed, diverse workforce. Atlas helps you align your people and your OKRs.

Enhances customer retention

Competition for clients’ attention and business has never been fiercer. Employees are often under time pressures to provide answers to their customers. Atlas supports two-way communication and knowledge sharing. Atlas enables better customer engagement and service.


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