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Atlas for Financial Services and Insurance

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Atlas is the next step in your digital transformation

  • Atlas surfaces the right information and useful insights, enabling you to deepen your client-advisor relationships.
  • With Atlas' new AI Assistant experience, you spend even less time searching for information, so front and back office productivity increases significantly.
  • Atlas bolsters compliance around sensitive data with governance and provisioning.
  • With Atlas you consolidate your technology stack and leverage more of your Microsoft 365 investment. 

Download our eBook on the challenges of knowledge management, how to overcome these and how to achieve knowledge productivity.

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Fund, Asset Management and Insurance

Streamlined information. Enhanced client service

You need innovative ways to reduce costs and meet client expectations. Atlas delivers:
  • A single view of your clients or assets where all the knowledge you need is served to you.
  • A single, powerful search across all information and apps so proposals and policies are quickly and easily found.
  • Seamless collaboration and secure file sharing with external parties on critical work, helping you build meaningful relationships with your clients.
  • Automation for redundant and boring tasks so you can focus on high-value work.

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Protect sensitive data by reducing manual processes

Manually sorting and reviewing documents and information can be a burden for any financial institution. Atlas saves IT, fund managers, asset managers and insurance professionals the headache.

  • Information is properly tagged, classified and labelled through automation and user prompts.
  • Sensitivity labels can be automatically applied at container level. 
  • Digital sprawl is managed by provisioning workspaces with your pre-set policies. 
  • Microsoft Teams is managed with automated efficiency.
  • Atlas integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, giving you control of your data and policies. 
Knowledge Productivity in the financial services & insurance industries eBook 3D Cover

eBook: Moving from knowledge management to Knowledge Productivity in the financial services & insurance industries

A comprehensive eBook on the challenges of knowledge management, how to overcome these and how to achieve knowledge productivity. Download this eBook to learn:

  • The challenge of managing knowledge
  • Turning information into knowledge
  • Advancing from knowledge management to knowledge productivity: 6 strategies to disrupt the status quo
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Atlas for the financial services industry

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Stand-out customer experience

Equipping your people with better information and ways to deliver personalized service, Atlas enables them to meet high client expectations. 

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Enables innovation

By surfacing knowledge, enabling collaboration and automating mundane tasks so people can turn their expertise to high value work, Atlas significantly increases productivity. 

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Engages employees

People want flexibility and to engage in meaningful work. Atlas offers an intuitive, collaborative digital workplace that enables everyone working from anywhere to contribute and do their best work. 

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Automates the mundane

Automating and streamlining burdensome manual processes, helps to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Executive Vice President
    "With this platform [employees are] better equipped to converse with agents, brokers and policy holders about the company, with the tools they need at hand. "
  • Executive Vice President
    "[Atlas] will be a key driver for us to connect people at all levels across all hierarchies through a fresh, new interactive platform which employees feel invigorated to use and add to."
  • Senior Marketing Comunications
    “It is vital that we provide an intelligent workspace to allow staff access to the information they need wherever they are, and Atlas is the platform that offers this.”

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Discover what Atlas can do for your organization:

  • Deepen client relationships.
  • Increase front and back-office productivity.
  • Leverage the power of a secure knowledge platform that increases flexibility, scalability and resilience.



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