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Why ClearPeople?

Where technology is transforming countless sectors from banking to transportation, the construction and engineering sectors are well-known as being one of the world’s least digitised sectors. The difficulties are understandable since typical construction projects involve numerous independent subcontractors and suppliers, with little incentive to embrace new methods. Projects also vary greatly, so it is often difficult to make them repeatable and the remote nature of some construction projects result in many firms failing to invest in technology.

However, we are seeing a change and more willingness to invest in digital transformation.

We build transformational digital solutions for the Construction, Property and Engineering sectors. We confidently make this claim working with Mace, Laing O’Rourke, Osborne, The Crown Estate, Sisk and more.

How construction leaders can ensure growth and success through digital transformation

The construction industry is one of the major powerhouses of the UK, accounting for 6% of its national economy, employing 2.4 million workers.

Yet, as the UK finds itself in recession for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, construction is seen as crucial in the UK’s road to economic recovery.

To ensure the industry is ready to capitalise on the opportunity at hand, construction firms must start looking towards digital transformation, utilising new and pioneering technologies to drive productivity and, with it, profitability, through areas such as improved data collection and analysis, and global communication. Read more

Engineer builder at construction site

Atlas for Frontline Workforce

We focus on people to overcome the complexities of technology.

Frontline workers are often your company’s first line of contact with customers, so they’re vital to creating a great customer experience. But they often feel disconnected from their organisation because digital engagement is challenging.

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Some of our awesome clients

The Crown Estate


Improve communication

One of the industry’s most pressing challenge is fragmented communication and workforces. Atlas is a must-have platform to improve communication. Atlas helps workers find and consume vital information needed on projects. Atlas especially works well for diverse workforces, varying IT competencies and for mobile devices. Atlas helps you deliver relevant information to employees when they need it.

Project Management

Streamline projects, stay on target and save time. We have worked closely with our construction clients to provide an all-in-one robust platform for easier access to the relevant project documentation in order to manage project operation. Teams can work together on documents, share knowledge, ensure critical procedures are leant and adhered to. Atlas ensures best working practice.

Simplify collaboration

improve communication as well as collaboration to increase project productivity. Collaboration is the glue that bonds an organisation and is even more critical when it comes to this sector who work across multiple organisations in the fragmented value chain. Atlas overcomes these problems by integrating key Office 365 collaboration tools as well as helps collaborators to know what to use when, with our well-designed user experience, add-ons and education - Atlas provides simplicity.

Speed-up bid management

Create complex bids consistently and easily in a fraction of the time - hours instead of days or weeks. Our solution can help to find and compile relevant collateral for pitches using powerful search features, notifications that ensure data is reliable and up-to-date as well as surfacing all relevant information in a user-friendly format. 


Case Studies


Osborne needed a platform that is simple for their employees to use, and that can help them as an organisation to embrace new ways of working, including a Knowledge and Innovation Portal on Atlas, all in one place.

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Laing O'Rourke

Laing O'Rourke is the largest privately-owned construction company in the UK. LOR employs nearly 13,000 staff globally in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, Hong Kong, and South East Asia.

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The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate in the UK required a new data management system to share masses of data. With Windows Azure, ClearPeople helped The Crown Estate deploy the scalable cloud-based solution with zero infrastructure required.

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