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Atlas for the Not-for-Profit Sector

Atlas for the NFP sector.

Digital transformation for NFPs

Our not-for-profit sector clients have chosen Atlas to support and optimise their digital transformation, enabling them to work better in a sector that’s experienced seismic change in the last few years. With Atlas they have:

  • Powerful search that surfaces relevant, contextual information
  • An inclusive, accessible digital workplace platform
  • Secure and efficient knowledge sharing
Atlas is a user-friendly intranet and digital workplace platform that works well for Not For Profit organisations.

Digital workplace technology for innovation and productivity

The pandemic required many not-for-profit organisations to pivot and adapt quickly to using digital tools for daily operations and fundraising purposes. While the shift has created new opportunities, it has also created challenges.

In a sector with widely-distributed employees and volunteers, Atlas is a user-friendly intranet and digital workplace platform that equips your people to do their best work and your organisation to succeed.

How Atlas works for not-for-profit organisations

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Accessible and intuitive

Designed with ease-of-use, accessibility and inclusivity in mind, Atlas gives Microsoft 365 a user-friendly interface and allows people with varied digital skill levels to contribute their expertise.

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Secure knowledge exchange

Not only does information need to flow, but it’s also critical that it’s shared securely. Atlas enables secure and efficient knowledge sharing.

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Equipping people with the knowledge and digital tools they need to work and helping people develop in their roles through Microsoft Viva Learning, Atlas empowers and engages your people.

Our intranet encourages and enables people to share their experiences and knowledge… This culture leads to a greater understanding of different peoples’ roles and contributions to the Society and the fight against dementia. This is morale-boosting, creates shared respect, and … better work together. 

We see staff being more engaged through Atlas, which we [can] track by seeing that they are better equipped and able to deal with any and all challenges. 

Our clients


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Find out what Atlas can do for your organisation

We’re proud of contributing to the digital transformation of charities such as the RNLI, Alzheimer’s Society, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the National Autistic Society and others.

If you would like to find out how we do this, simply book a demo now.

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