Charity, Public and Not-for-Profit Sector

Atlas delivers solutions for the charity, public and not-for-profit sector:

frontline worker empowerment

Empowers your team

optimise collaboration

Optimises collaboration

information flow

Allows information to flow

In 2019, a Charity Digital report identified that 63% of charities lacked a digital strategy. Since then, the pandemic has required many charities and not-for-profit organisations to pivot and adapt quickly to using digital tools for daily operations and fundraising purposes.

The shift is a positive one, opening up new opportunities. But it’s also challenging, with small and medium non-profits, in particular, finding it difficult to acquire the skills and resources to make the change to digital. ClearPeople is helping this sector bridge the tech gap within budget and resource constraints.

With over a decade of experience working in the charity, not-for-profit and public sector, we understand its unique challenges and how technology can help you engage volunteers, communicate with beneficiaries and raise funds. We’re proud of contributing to the digital transformation of charities such as RNLI, the National Autistic Society, Alzheimer’s Society, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, CBM International and others. 

Atlas is on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace to make it easy for public sector clients to procure our services within the G-Cloud framework.

* Covid-19 Voluntary Sector Impact Barometer, July 2021

How Atlas works for the not-for-profit, charity and public sector

Elevates communication to connection

Internal communication and collaboration are even more challenging with a dispersed workforce and/or volunteers with diverse technical skills. Designed for accessibility and inclusivity, Atlas enables everyone to connect easily, contribute their expertise and do their best work. Atlas connects people to people and people to knowledge.

Enables secure knowledge sharing

Not only does information need to flow, but in the public sector it’s critical that it’s shared securely. We’re known for our expertise in Microsoft SharePoint governance and taxonomy and Atlas is designed to enable secure and efficient knowledge management. Atlas provides secure knowledge management.

Optimises the work experience

By providing more effective internal communication, the means to collaborate more easily, and user-friendly digital workspace that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and on any device, Atlas meets the demand for work flexibility. Atlas makes the work experience easier and more rewarding.

Simplifies the workplace

Atlas is a single digital hub from which everyone can access the tools, knowledge and information they need. User-friendly and intuitive, Atlas caters for all skill levels. Atlas solves the problems of having too many digital tools, too many silos and stuff that’s too hard to find.

Case Studies

Alzheimer's Society

We designed a leading-edge intranet to better inform, connect and engage users, providing an up-to-date knowledge resource.

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CBM wanted to continue their work of promoting an inclusive world. To achieve this they realised the necessity for a digital workspace.

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ClearPeople worked with Cystic Fibrosis Trust to become the winner of the Workplace Transformation Project of the Year.

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