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    Top 10 employee intranet trends for 2023

    A company intranet is one of the most effective tools in your arsenal when it comes to collaborative work, knowledge sharing, and deepening employees’ understanding of your workplace, especially in an increasingly digital workforce.

    9 hybrid working challenges and solutions

    The shift towards hybrid working has transformed the corporate landscape, offering flexibility and a more balanced approach to work-life integration. However, this evolution brings its own set of challenges, particularly in areas like collaboration, engagement, and data management. Let's explore these hurdles and discover how the Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform is uniquely positioned to address them.

    Effective onboarding practices for hybrid working

    Remote and hybrid working has gained traction. But you still need to provide a great onboarding experience to new joiners – if anything, in today's work environment this is even more critical. How do you do this?  This post outlines how you can ensure hybrid or remote work success with 8 tips for onboarding.   

    All you need to know about Microsoft Viva Goals

    Viva Goals is the new addition to the Viva Suite for business goal setting and management. The point of Microsoft Viva Goals, Microsoft says, is to provide “the missing link between employee experience and business outcomes” through clear, consistent business goal setting. 

    Last update: 1st November 2022

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    What is corporate memory? And how do you combat corporate memory loss?

    Preventing corporate memory loss in your business will contribute enormously to your people feeling like they’re part of a team and knowing what’s expected of them. In the ‘age of the employee’ it’s the secret ingredient to company success. 

    5 ways to enhance employee experience and improve intranet engagement

    Digital working practices are now a fundamental aspect of most people’s working lives. The reliance on intranets and digital workplace software has increased tremendously during the pandemic. The likes of Microsoft have seen a huge uptake of digital workplace software (Microsoft 365) as businesses look to technology to keep employees connected. 

    Why is focus shifting to Employee Experience Platforms?

    The aim of an employee experience platform is to help employees bring about balance to their working lives. The modern working life is becoming increasingly digitalised. This has many benefits including more flexibility and convenience within the working day.

    D&I Portal - supporting a Diversity & Inclusion Communication Strategy

    Diversity and Inclusion is being treated by some organisations as a key business strategy. Experts are unanimous in that Diversity and Inclusion is not a “project”. 

    Improving teamwork and employee engagement

    The digitalisation of our working environment brings a lot of benefits. There are lots of tools available that can make your life easier, helping you to work not only faster but also smarter.