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    How to improve information findability and discovery in Microsoft 365

    We’ve all experienced that moment at work — you’re on track to meet the next deadline but then suddenly, you hit a wall. You need a critical piece of information, but you have no idea where to locate it. It feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. After exhausting your options, you turn to a colleague, only to find they're as clueless as you are. This highlights a fundamental issue many employees face: the difficulty in easily accessing information and identifying experts within their organization.

    Exploring the Differences: Search vs Generative AI

    In today’s rapidly advancing digital business landscape, the roles of search and AI-powered search are shifting. While traditional search experiences often struggle with challenges like irrelevant results and inconsistent filtering, AI-powered search offers promising capabilities to better understand user intent and retrieve conceptually relevant information. At the same time, the emergence of generative AI models is presenting new possibilities to create original content.

    This blog compares and contrasts features and use cases of AI-powered search versus generative AI, while also highlighting the practical considerations around cost and implementation. Understanding the strengths and limitations of these technologies is crucial for organizations looking to leverage the power of AI to improve access to information while promoting content creation.

    Conversational knowledge: What it is and unleashing digital conversations

    In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, knowledge is a valuable asset that drives innovation, decision-making, and organizational success. Traditionally, knowledge has been captured through formal documentation and structured systems. However, there is a growing recognition of the importance of conversational knowledge.

    8 knowledge management challenges and how to overcome them

    As your organization grows, it accumulates vast amounts of information and experience. This collective knowledge makes your business unique and it’s what gives you an edge over your competition – but only if this knowledge can be effectively stored, accessed and applied.

    Tips & tools for improving Microsoft Teams  and the search experience

    Ever tried to find something on Teams and got nowhere? I think we can all relate. Google or Bing 'Microsoft Teams search' and you'll see a long list with terms like 'Microsoft Teams search not working'.