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Personalized & relevant communication


Connecting people to what matters at work

  • Atlas provides a unified platform for all communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Delivers personalized and relevant information to users.
  • Automated information management and knowledge productivity capabilities that set Atlas apart from other communication platforms.
  • Increases employee engagement with personalized content, meaningful connections and the resources for success. 
  • The internal communications platform of choice for companies using Microsoft 365.

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Altas brings relevant and personalized content to people.

Break away from email chaos: shift to relevant information

Communication: Atlas makes internal communication organic and intuitive, bringing your employee community together and reducing the volume of email.

Collaboration: Atlas brings people and information together easily, leveraging shared knowledge.

Customization: With automated information management capabilities and the ability to personalize content, Atlas delivers the right content in the right context.

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Deep analytics that measure comms cut-through

  • Mandatory Reads lets you ensure employees are informed about the important stuff.
  • Analytics let you know whether important information and announcements have been read and understood.
  • Automatic placement and targeting of content delivers content to people when and where they need it.

Making communication work

Access anywhere

Atlas provides accessible information on any device and where it's needed most.

Relevant content

Workspaces provide targeted and relevant information in the context of your work.

Cater for all abilities

HoverPoint makes images responsive and interactive for rich visual communication.

Key information is read

Mandatory Read ensures that critical information is shared and read.

Spotlight content

Spotlights promote important content dynamically.

User insight

Deep analytics track reach and engagement so you can easily measure success and adoption.

What our clients say

  • Thomas Harmeyer

    Executive Vice President
    "A communication hub and a gateway for employees, built by employees to connect people at all levels across all hierarchies through a fresh, new interactive platform which employees feel invigorated to use and add to."
  • Vickie Stevenson

    Head of Digital Transformation
    "We’re excited to create a place where people feel a part of the business, can understand or find out information about projects, and can communicate easily."
  • Kerri Warner

    Digital Communications Manager
    "We wanted to bring [our intranet] back to a true communications platform, which is why we looked to Atlas."
  • Thomas Harmeyer

    Executive Vice President
    "[Atlas] is now a key piece for our internal and external communication strategy."


Case study: communication at a critical time

“Launching Atlas during [COVID] was actually beneficial, largely because it is mobile enabled, so for people working remotely, information became much more accessible.”

Digital Communications Manager, Kerri Warner

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Atlas aces findability


  • Information is spread across multiple tools and workspaces
  • I'm overloaded with information
  • Updating content is difficult
  • There's no consistency
  • My workspace is not in my language

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How Atlas solves this

  • Powerful enterprise search across all tools and systems
  • Surfaces relevant, contextualized information, with filters and refiners making finding stuff quicker
  • Updating is made easier and documents that are the authoritative source of truth are easily identified
  • Governance and automation work in the background to provide consistency and save time
  • Atlas supports multiple languages and automatically uses the language chosen in a user's settings.

Improve your internal communications

Keep your people informed, engaged and connected.

Delivering personalized, relevant information and allowing more effective and efficient communication on a single platform helps people focus on what matters most at work.

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