Communicate more effectively


Same Old

Departments are not communicating, frontline employees are disconnected from the organization and email is proving unreliable, insecure, easily lost and there is no ability to track communication engagement.



Atlas Advantage

The emphasis shifts from email to Atlas – providing accessible, targeted information on any device. This is curated, managed and reported through Atlas, which ensures critical information is shared and read.

How Atlas helps communication?

Access anywhere

Provide accessible information on any device and where it is most needed.

Relevant content

Atlas Workspaces provide targeted and relevant information in the context of your work.

Cater for all abilities

Turn any picture into a responsive, interactive image with Atlas HoverPoint.

Key information is read

Atlas Mandatory Read ensures that critical information is shared and read.

Spotlight content 

Atlas Spotlights provides a powerful way to promote important content dynamically.

User insight

Powerful tools for reporting as well as tracking reach and engagement.

What our clients say

  • A communication hub and a gateway for employees, built by employees to connect people at all levels across all hierarchies through a fresh, new interactive platform which employees feel invigorated to use and add to.

    Thomas Harmeyer, Executive Vice President of Tokio Marine HCC

Case Study Laing O'Rourke

“During lockdown we actually saw it as a benefit to launch, largely because it is mobile enabled, so for people working remotely, it is much more accessible.”

Digital Communications Manager, Kerri Warner

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