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Atlas powers Osborne’s digital transformation

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Key highlights

Maximise Microsoft 365 investment

Atlas has powered Osborne’s digital transformation and optimised their Microsoft 365 usage and adoption. 

Save time

Atlas saves hours of time through its search capabilities, significantly increasing productivity.  


With Atlas Osborne continues to find innovative ways to use their Microsoft platform.   

In a sector that tends to lag in digitisation, Osborne wanted a technological solution to transform the way its people collaborate and work.  

Osborne had legacy tools that were no longer fit for purpose and couldn't deliver the functionality employees needed. People were also using different applications to solve each specific problem, rather than knitting different data and programs together.  

As a result, time and effort was being wasted, and information was trapped in pockets instead of being widely available to inform important decisions. 

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Osborne wanted a robust digital platform to get their digital transformation journey off to the best possible start.  


Osborne had a clear vision of their digital transformation being powered by a central digital platform that would engage employees and drive productivity.


  • Optimised Microsoft 365 usage and adoption. 
  • Increased ROI in their Microsoft investment.
  • A centralised hub for information, collaboration and communication.
  • A new way of working for the entire organisation. 
  • Vickie Stevenson

    Head of Digital Transformation
    “By using Atlas, we hope to deliver innovations for people to show higher efficiencies, pushed out through the platform, constantly keeping people informed. We hope to put a ‘buzz’ back into the workplace.”
  • Vickie Stevenson

    Head of Digital Transformation
    “the construction industry is ripe for transformation, being able to put knowledge, as required, into the hands of people (in the office, on site, at home) is crucial”
  • Vickie Stevenson

    Head of Digital Transformation
    “We’re excited to create a place where people feel a part of the business, can understand or find out information about projects, and can communicate easily.”
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About Osborne

Osborne (Geoffrey Osborne Ltd.) is a developer, construction and property maintenance solution provider that works to create value, reduce risk and simplify governance for its customers.   

Atlas Platform overview

The Atlas Digital Workplace includes out-of-the-box communications, collaboration and knowledge capabilities for end-users, management and IT. Atlas defines a new digital workplace platform category known as a "Knowledge Productivity Platform".

Atlas is installed within the customer's Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant and Azure infrastructure, leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licenses, security/compliance settings, Active Directory and more.

The platform fully supports Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Groups, Planner, OneNote, Power Apps, Power BI and much more.