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Successful onboarding

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Atlas takes the 4Cs of employee onboarding to the next level

Compliance: Atlas is a personalised digital experience that helps new starters by providing them with an interactive, contextualised and highly engaging way to understand important information.

Culture: Atlas helps you make your culture visible and inclusive through collaborative spaces, recognition, open dialogue and employee communication.

Clarification: Atlas is a signposted digital onboarding experience that helps to introduce new employees to their team, project and company jargon. 

Connections: Atlas encourages connections, collaboration, sharing and learning from anywhere and on any device.

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Atlas connects people to what matters at work with a people-first approach

Atlas streamlines digital tools and experiences into a single platform, making it simpler for new starters or those returning from long-term leave to find what they need.
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Build a culture that engages, inspires and retains your employees

Improve new hire retention by 82%* with a strong onboarding process and foster a sense of community where employee referrals account for 30-40% of all hires.

*Employee Referral Statistics


Reduce onboarding time-to-full-productivity by 50%*

Help new hires ramp up faster by surfacing the most critical information and experts in their work flow.

  • A single point for all the resources that enable employees to engage, track, navigate and plan activities.  
  • Create meaningful connections by connecting new employees to people, experts and culture.
  • Equips new starters with the tools that they need to success straight away
  • Generate insights and analytics to measure effectiveness.

* Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

What our clients say

  • Phil White

    Head of IT
    We see staff being more engaged through Atlas, which we [can] track by seeing that they are better equipped and able to deal with any and all challenges.

Atlas helps you make onboarding a success

One place

Atlas streamlines digital tools, content and experiences into one cohesive platform for onboarding. 

Meaningful connections

Atlas provides effective ways for everyone to communicate and collaborate within one secure platform.

Access anywhere

Information is accessible on any device and where it is most needed.

Faster onboarding

Atlas ensures that critical information is shared and read.

Spotlight content 

Important content is promoted with this dynamic feature.

User insight

Powerful tools for reporting as well as tracking reach and engagement.

Elevate your onboarding

Speed up onboarding and create an engaging employee experience.

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