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Atlas for Policy and Procedure Management


Atlas streamlines policy and procedure management on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Up-to-date content
Users always have instant access to the most current version of policies and procedures in one platform, built on and for Microsoft 365. 

Targeted distribution
Share new policies & procedures with exactly who needs them.  

Proof of due diligence
Keep records of who has read, tested on and signed off documents. Set automated reminders. 



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Easily manage your policies & procedures

  • Create standardized templates for the entire organization to use.
  • Use workflow and approvals to manage the process.
  • Everyone comes to a single place for the latest version of policy and procedure documents. 


One central repository for all your policy and procedure documents

  • One single destination for your employees to find all policies and procedures.
  • Employees can quickly search for and view any document.
  • Roles-based access by employee function, region, or department.

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Implementation and Success

  • Easy to install.
  • Dedicated customer success team.
  • Our specialists will work with you on the deployment of software, user training, and more.
  • Go live in a matter of weeks.
  • Once live, unlimited access to the customer success and support team, user documentation, on-demand training and regular product updates. 

6 ways Atlas increases policy and procedure management success

Quick setup

Create workspaces in less than 5 minutes, using tools that your team works on natively (like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint etc.), so you can hit the ground running.

One source of truth

Atlas workplaces automatically put all relevant information in a single place - whether it's housed in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other tools.

Saves hours of time

Atlas greatly reduces time spent finding the latest policy or procedure. Our gold standard feature ensure authorative documents are relevant and up-to-date. 

Simplify the complex

Atlas makes complying with policies and procedures simpler, easier to promote and share leading to greater engagement and understanding.

Target specific users

Information can be targeted, to ensure critical information gets to the right people at the right time. 

Mandatory reads

Ensures key processes and procedures are targeted to users that then must confirm that they have read them.

Your content always up to date

Atlas is everything you need to streamline your policy and procedure management on Microsoft 365 so you can focus on the tasks that really matter. 

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