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Atlas provides effortless and efficient bid or proposal management, making the most of your Microsoft 365 investment

Atlas is a powerful intelligent knowledge platform where employees can find the knowledge, documents, information, and tools they need - in seconds. Atlas is the best platform for bid management that allows you to:

  • Share and collaborate on relevant bid information effectively, in a single place.
  • Quickly and easily find the information you need to create winning bids.
  • Effectively collaborate with other departments across different systems.
  • Deliver higher quality bids that are quicker to produce.
Atlas Bid Hub Clipboard Information in one place easy to find effective cross organization collaboration no time wasted on duplicated effort

Atlas delivers a consolidated, automated and “smart” bid area that enables cross-organization collaboration

  • Create bid workspaces in less than 5 minutes, from an opportunity in your CRM.
  • Surface relevant information fast, saving hours spent searching for and recreating content.
  • Automate processes to reduces manual effort, so your team has more time to create quality bids. 
  • With Bid Hub, add structured knowledge to the company's collective intelligence, for more effective bids.

How Atlas helps win more business?

Quick setup

Bid teams can easily create bid workspaces using ConneX, in less than 5 minutes.

One source of truth

Atlas bid workspaces automatically combine all important information in one place.

Find the right people

Identify the A team using People Profiles.

Capture knowledge

Add It makes it easy for employees to add structured knowledge for more effective bids.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge Centers are the ideal place to publish and share knowledge on bids... and more.

In Focus

In Focus displays news, knowledge, documents and people related to bids.


Win more success stories

"With Atlas, employees will be better equipped to converse with agents, brokers and policy holders about the company, with the tools they need at hand."

Thomas Harmeyer, Executive Vice President, Tokio Marine HCC

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Atlas makes information flow


  • Information is scattered across different databases
  • It’s difficult to share data and information with other teams and external partners
  • Information is inconsistent
  • No single source of truth 

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How Atlas solves this

  • Atlas surfaces information from across all tools and systems into a central hub
  • Information can be shared easily and securely with colleagues, teams and external stakeholders
  • Automation and governance ensure information is tagged and displayed consistently
  • With Atlas, the single source of truth is easily and quickly found and identified

Streamline your bid management process

Save hours of time, increase win ratio and reduce repetition. Atlas for bid management is the best platform for bid teams that want to focus on delivering high quality projects. 

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