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Atlas HoverPoint

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Create unique experiences with interactive images and information

Create accessible, visual learning experiences by bringing images and information to life.

HoverPoint makes it easy to build engaging visual experiences and rich user interactions by adding information and media to your images.

6 reasons to use Atlas HoverPoint today

Visual storytelling

Enable visual storytelling and add context to an image.

Mitigate health and safety risks

Provide visual and interactive information to people. Particularly useful for frontline workers.

Simplify onboarding processes

Many small increases in productivity and retention have a significant impact on the bottom line and a good onboarding experience has an ongoing impact. 

Reduce errors and improve learning

Research has shown that information presented in graphical form is processed faster than text. Interactive images can lead to less mistakes.

Cut paper waste and printing costs

Update and distribute information quickly, without needing to reprint material. By creating information-rich digital imagery, you reduce your impact on the environment.

Quick answers

Enable people to self-serve for quick answers to their questions.


Turn any picture (a photo, a floorplan, a drawing or design, etc.) into a responsive, interactive image. 

Define multiple hover or clickable regions with a variety of icons and rollover effects including the ability to draw areas on the image. 

Multiple options for displaying information, including:
Hovering over an area to display rich text and imagery.
Clicking on an area to go to a new page or document.
Providing pop-out information so the user doesn't have to leave the page.

Pinpoint and annotate images without any coding.


Watch how to easily add interactive images

With Atlas HoverPoint anyone can create eye-catching and interactive images with clickable regions. The effect is rich, informative images that supercharge engagement.
  • Turn any picture (a photo, a floorplan, a drawing or design) into a responsive, interactive image. 
  • Define multiple clickable regions with a variety of icons and rollover effects. 
  • Pinpoint and annotate images without any coding.

An image with clickable regions replaces the need for expensive printed materials and offers workers a more intuitive user interface on their preferred device.


Simple steps to interactive images

  • Select or upload your image.
  • Define as many clickable regions as you like. Annotate hotspots with rich media content to make your images come alive.
  • Publish a responsive image, viewable from multiple devices and share for maximum audience reach.

What Atlas HoverPoint does

Provides a simple user interface to create and edit, click and point, add your text and save. 

Lets users hover, click or tap to display rich text guides and links to further content (with video coming soon).  

Adds visual cues to content (e.g; power, entry/exit points, hazards etc.) 

Usefully embedded within Atlas knowledge pages and /or Microsoft Teams tabs. 

Optimized for mobile and other devices. 

Allows you to store as many images with as many HoverPoints as you need. 

See Atlas in action!

Atlas has multiple uses and helps different teams achieve their different goals, so a demo really is the best way to understand what it does.

Our experienced team will listen to your pain points and objectives, and demo how Atlas can help. No commitment or expectations – we just want to show Atlas off.



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