Mandatory Read

Mandatory Reads

Do you want to make sure an important document gets read?

Mandatory Reads is an Atlas feature that targets important information to specified users or groups. This feature is available to use on different areas of your digital workspace and therefore will display documents that are relevant to that area. 

On top of that, administrators can see who has and who hasn’t read the important information.

Atlas Directories Listing in Teams

Target the right audience

Mandatory Read can be targeted to different content areas and different groups of users. Mandatory Read can appear on the main communications area, policy & procedures area, knowledge area, etc.

Atlas People Listing in Teams

Target specific users

Users in the same content area may see different Mandatory Reads, depending on their role.

In a Finance area, users can have different documents appear so even people with different roles within the Finance team, can see different Mandatory Reads. Whether a user is in the risk & compliance, anti-money laundering or  leadership team, they could have a different document presented to them because of the nature of their role.

How does it work?

Mandatory Read can be configured by content administrators by simply creating a new item and filling in the required data within the form.

The Mandatory Read web part will appear on the relevant content area and will be hidden when all tasks are completed.

Once a user has read the Mandatory Read document, they must click on the "confirm" button in order to complete the task.

Content admins can easily track who has and who hasn’t read a Mandatory Read for reporting purposes.