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Atlas Mandatory Reads

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Compliance will love this!

Want to make sure everybody sees that Risk & Compliance directive or the latest Working from Home Health & Safety update?

There is often critical business information people need to know about. Atlas Mandatory Reads directs essential information to specified users or groups and allows you to see who has read the update.

Atlas Mandatory Reads can be used in a variety of areas of your digital workplace, supports multilingual content and is accessible on all devices.


The benefits of using Atlas Mandatory Reads

Reduce risk

From Compliance to Health & Safety, Mandatory Reads lets you make sure employees are informed about the important stuff.

Engaged employees

Automatic placement and targeting of content makes it easy for people to know what to read and when.

Activity tracking

The web part lets you know whether important information and announcements have been read and understood.

Faster employee onboarding

Atlas Mandatory Reads helps people understand what they need to know and do from day one and reduce the amount of irrelevant information.


Targets content to different user groups.

Documents and pages can be made mandatory to read.

Results are tracked and can be extracted for analysis.

The tool can be added to all areas of Atlas.

Users confirm that they have read content.

Content automatically expires.

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Target the right audience

  • Atlas Mandatory Reads can be targeted to different content areas and different groups of users.
  • Reduce irrelevant information by targeting specific audiences and pages according to who is required to view what. 
  • Mandatory content has an expiry date, giving employees a deadline to read and approve information by. 

How Atlas Mandatory Reads works

Atlas Mandatory Reads is configured simply by creating a new item and filling in the required data in the form.

The Atlas Mandatory Reads web part will appear in the relevant content area with an expiry date, and will be hidden when all tasks are completed.

Once a user has read the document or information, they must click on the 'confirm' button to complete the task.

Content admins can easily track who has and who hasn’t read mandatory information and track engagement with analytics.

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Highly specific content targeting

Users in the same content area may see different Mandatory Reads depending on their role. For example, different users within the finance team can have different documents displayed to them. 

Whether a user is in the risk & compliance, anti-money laundering or leadership team, they could have different documents presented to them because of the nature of their role.