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Atlas for Microsoft Teams

Atlas makes Microsoft Teams work for you

Decrease the need for unnecessary meetings, excessive back-and-forth conversations and wasted time searching.

Making Microsoft Teams Work for You ebook Solving gaps in MS365


Learn how to best leverage the power of Microsoft Teams and specific solutions to bridge the gaps:

  • Collaboration
  • External extranets / client portals
  • Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • AI and more

Enriches the user experience

Atlas enriches the user experience of Teams with its visually captivating and user-friendly interface.

Easy discoverability of content

By consolidating scattered information across various Microsoft 365 tools, Atlas ensures easy discoverability of content.

Improved search experience 

The search experience is significantly improved with Atlas's enhanced search capabilities.

Boost internal and external collaboration

Boost both internal and external collaboration through self-service setup, comprehensive dashboards, support for industry-specific requirements, and much more.

Automated governance and provisioning

With automated governance and provisioning of Teams workspaces, Atlas minimizes errors and reduces user frustration.

Connex Screens complete

Meet Atlas ConneX: The easy Teams provisioning tool

Atlas ConneX is a robust Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning tool that allows you to seamlessly create, manage, and maintain your Atlas, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams assets all in one place.

Our workspace creation wizard guides you through the process, automatically applying tags, adding the organization's information management model, and automating new Workspaces, in the Atlas navigation bar. So, you can spend less time on tedious Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning tasks and more time growing your team. 

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Atlas and Teams simplifies collaboration, even with external parties

Increased innovation - Enabling your people to share ideas and expertise across the organization increases productivity and innovation.

Greater engagement - People are empowered with both knowledge and connections, increasing their sense of purpose and the value of their work.

Supports hybrid work - Atlas adds user-friendliness to the Microsoft tools and technology users are familiar with and enables everyone to participate and contribute regardless of where they are.

Includes external users - Atlas Extranet provides a user-friendly, secure workspace where even external users can meet, share files, chat and work with your team.


Use cases for collaborative work

Bid teams

Atlas surfaces relevant, contextual information from different systems in a single bid hub, minimizing duplicate effort and leveraging collective knowledge.

Atlas for bid management Atlas for bid management

Legal teams

Atlas' underlying security and compliance features mean legal teams can confidently collaborate, knowing that documents they share are safe and secure.
Atlas for legal teams Atlas for legal teams

HR teams

Enabling frictionless collaboration underpins HR goals like supporting hybrid working; engaging staff and fostering efficiency and productivity.
Atlas for HR Atlas for HR

Project teams

Atlas provides different departments or teams, often working on different systems, a single digital platform to communicate and exchange knowledge on.
Atlas for project management Atlas for project management

External collaboration

Atlas provides a secure and user-friendly workspace where you can meet, share files and work with external parties, confident in Atlas' extensive permission and security controls.
Collaboration with external users Collaboration with external users


Atlas provides Idea workspaces where teams can collaborate on ideas together, bringing diverse perspectives, innovative thinking and problem solving skills together to create the potential for groundbreaking breakthroughs.
Atlas Ideation Atlas Ideation

Achieve more with Atlas and Teams together

Boost governance

Apply policy and maintain visibility at all times and across all platforms, giving you the power to spot compliance issues before they escalate into a larger problem. 

Save time

ConneX dashboard to enable users to quickly find the Team or Channel that they need.

Simple contribution

Atlas Add It to let everybody contribute simply to any Team from one interface.


Atlas ConneX Studio to build out line of business templates that let your teams work the way that they want to.

A single, intuitive hub

An Atlas Home Page for every team delivering an intuitive, simple user interface to get work done.  Atlas makes it easy to find, share and contribute information, and to connect people and knowledge.

Grows visibility

With the powerful Atlas search surfaces, you can extend visibility to all collaborative spaces, making it easier than ever to manage your team and streamline your business growth. 

Enable agility

Unlock the freedom to create the workspaces you need, build collaborative spaces, and enable non-technical users to handle tasks with greater efficiency and fewer headaches. 

Builds freedom

Lessen the burden on your IT department by enabling self-serve Microsoft 365 provisioning, creating a system that fuses agility, collaboration, and standardization without draining your IT resources. 

Fuels inclusion

Atlas ConneX isn’t another tool made with techies in mind. This intuitive, wizard-driven interface was designed for all levels of technical know-how, allowing your team to work in harmony. 

Atlas solutions for MS Teams users

Atlas delivers value, fast

Modern technology plus intuitive UX means your organization can transition to an advanced digital workspace solution in weeks.

Better business outcomes

When employees are enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied, resulting in better business outcomes.

Increased productivity

Easy, intuitive access to information, expertise and tools enables people to work smarter and faster.
Bridges information silos. Atlas connects people to people and people to information so collective knowledge is leveraged.

Seamless MS Teams integration

Atlas enables direct access to Microsoft Teams through ConneX, My ConneX and Useful Links tools and Atlas Content Types and taxonomy models enable content stored within Teams to be automatically tagged and surfaced within Atlas.

Enhanced Governance

Apply policy and maintain visibility at all times. Expose compliance issues.

Reduce the burden on IT

Users often have to request that IT creates new Teams which is often very time-consuming and prone to errors. The business therefore becomes more agile and users less frustrated.

Collaborate more effectively

Efficiently lets non-technical users create a collaboration space with the right permissions and structure within minutes: but still following rules laid down by the business. Atlas ConneX is a game changer for IT and business users!

Work the way you want to

Let your teams work in consistent, structured environments, where all the information they need is available from within one Team tab. Teams become more effective and deliver 
better outcomes.

Making Microsoft Teams work for you


Making Microsoft Teams Work for You ebook Solving gaps in MS365

In this eBook, we explore how organizations can best leverage Microsoft Teams and how to bridge the gaps.

Page length: 18 pages