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The massive global uptake of Microsoft Office 365 – 95 million Teams users were added in 2020 alone – means MS Teams is now the workspace where many people spend a significant part of their working day.

ClearPeople’s digital product, Atlas, is the only digital workplace to provide an end-to-end experience within Microsoft 365. Atlas is the glue that brings all Microsoft tools together through a single intuitive interface that’s logical and easy to navigate.

The benefits of pairing Atlas with MS Teams

Atlas enhances the MS Teams user experience

Atlas reduces complexity

ClearPeople has specialised Microsoft expertise

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Why Use Atlas With MS 365?

  • The rapid uptake of Microsoft 365 has inadvertently reinforced silos, created an explosion of data and digital tools and made content harder to find. Employees also increasingly expect companies to provide user-friendly digital solutions that enable them to work better and more effectively.

  • Atlas fully integrates with Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva to bring about a holistic and seamless user experience. Atlas brings all Microsoft tools together through a visually engaging and intuitive interface.

  • ClearPeople is the first Microsoft partner globally to achieve Microsoft Advanced Specialization status. This means ClearPeople is recognised by Microsoft for our extensive knowledge, experience, and proven success with delivering tailored customer solutions with Microsoft 365.

Atlas solutions for MS Teams users

Atlas delivers value, fast

Modern technology plus intuitive UX means your organisation can transition to an advanced digital workspace solution in weeks.

Better business outcomes

When employees are enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied, resulting in better business outcomes.

Increased productivity

Easy, intuitive access to information, expertise and tools enables people to work smarter and faster.
Bridges information silos. Atlas connects people to people and people to information so collective knowledge is leveraged.

Seamless MS Teams integration

Atlas enables direct access to Microsoft Teams through ConneX, My ConneX and Useful Links tools and Atlas Content Types and taxonomy models enable content stored within Teams to be automatically tagged and surfaced within Atlas.

More Atlas Features

Add It 2.0

Add It

This simple feature enables all Atlas users to easily add content (News, Events, Knowledge, External Insights and Documents) into a relevant workspace.

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Atlas ConneX - Microsoft Teams screenshot

Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams and Groups. 

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Atlas screenshot Latest Power BI Analytics

Microsoft 365

Atlas also enables customers to embed an array of standard M365 services into its pages and templates.

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Discover how Atlas and Microsoft 365 create a fully integrated digital workspace for today and the future.

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