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Atlas for Bid Management

Atlas Bid Hub streamlines bid management in CRM, MS Teams and Microsoft SharePoint.

Win more business with an effortless and efficient bid management platform 

Atlas streamlines the bid management process in CRM, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, breaking down barriers and delivering the single view required to produce winning bids.


Atlas Bid Hub for Web

Atlas solves the complexity of bid management

  • Multiple departments often working on different systems, are now given a single digital platform for consistent collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Re-use information and learn rather than creating fresh content each time.
  • Surface relevant information fast, saving bid teams hours spent searching for content.
  • Streamline bid management by automating processes, taking manual effort out and creating time for quality.

One central hub related to bids and your clients

  • Atlas brings together your existing Microsoft 365 tools, collaboration spaces and information in a quick and easy way. It does this through automated content tagging and a smart user interface that is intiutive to use. 
  • Atlas delivers a single view of all information related to bids and your clients,  making collaboration simpler and more effective and greatly increasing bid quality and the chances of success.

6 ways Atlas bid management platform increases your success

Quick setup

Create bid workspaces in less than 5 minutes, using tools that your team works on natively (like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, CRM, etc.), so you can hit the ground running.

Single source of truth

Atlas automatically puts all relevant information in a single place - whether it's housed in your CRM, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other tools.

Saves hours of time

Smart tools like Atlas In Focus, People Profiles and others greatly reduce time spent researching and collating information.

Captures knowledge

Atlas Add It makes it easy for employees to add structured knowledge for more effective bid management.

Increases bid success

Having the right information, the right team and the time to deliver a quality bid greatly increases your win ratio. 

Keeps everyone engaged

Provides bid management tools that empower everyone to do their best and reduces the risk of losing valuable team players.

Atlas for Bid Management Overview

Collaboration workspace

Sharing information and collaboration becomes natural and seamless even across different systems like CRM, MS Teams and SharePoint, bringing coherence to the bid process. All departments can access the information based on permissions.

Automated creation

Bid workspaces are easily created from an opportunity in CRM, templated and tagged according to your bid management requirements. There's no effort involved, so resistance is minimal.

Knowledge is king

Information related to the bid is surfaced automatically, saving many hours of research. Progressive companies no longer rely on a single individual and their knowledge.

A common view

CRM information related to the bid can be displayed alongside other knowledge, documents, people, mandatory reads and FAQs, giving everyone the information they need.

Automation to aid execution

Processes and approvals can be automated ensuring that the bid management process flows correctly and meets every department's requirements.

Industry-specific requirements

Atlas caters to the industry-specific requirements of law firms, professional services, construction and engineering organisations. 

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Atlas bid management platform is everything you need to streamline your bid management so you're creating quality bid responses and delivering winning results.

If your organisation is already using Microsoft 365 software, then Atlas Digital Workplace could be a great fit for you. 

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