atlas by clearpeople

Atlas for Corporate Legal

Monitor-teams search dashboard

Centralize matters and knowledge

Corporate legal teams operate best when supported by technology and software that eliminates low-value tasks, enhances high-impact decisions and allows them to efficiently manage competing priorities.

Atlas allows corporate legal teams to share their expertise with the rest of the organization. By connecting silos of information and systems, Atlas centralizes matters and knowledge, thereby increasing collaboration and driving new efficiencies.

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Increase productivity by allowing teams to capture and share knowledge

Mitigates risk with its underlying security and compliance features

Enable the engagement of the wider business


Making document management easy

You shouldn’t have to spend your time searching for files - your time is much better spent doing what you are meant to do, rather than managing documents. 

Find what you want instantly

By use clever tools and Artificial Intelligence, Atlas significantly reduces the amount of time you spend browsing search results.   

  • Stuart Whittle

    Business services and innovations director
    "I see Atlas as a core business platform for our digital transformation. We want to utilise a platform that is easy for our 1,300 staff to use. We are aiming to create something which will encourage the collaboration and sharing of information, albeit securely, across all parts of the firm."
  • Cheick Modibo Diarra

    “[Atlas is] a dynamic and powerful tool, whose impact on the cohesion and integration of ALN cannot be understated.”
  • Stuart Whittle

    Business services and innovations director
    “We weren’t quite sure what the possibilities were with this kind of tech transformation, and I am pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds. A lot of that has come from the workshops we’ve had with ClearPeople.”
Atlas Email integration

Email integration

Tired of having to organize your life in Outlook? Atlas seamlessly integrates with* to enable users to drag content out of Outlook into Atlas and out of Atlas into Outlook. Legal team members can work directly on matters within Outlook.

  • Classify emails and documents easily using Atlas tagging including automatic tagging, using simple drag and drop features.
  • Emails can be searched within Atlas using standard filters including Client & To/From/CC data.