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A single view of all my projects


Get the power of true project teamwork

A single platform for all your company’s project work brings productivity gains and greater quality outcomes.

  • Atlas provides an intuitive interface to the powerful tools that come with Microsoft 365, so you can make the most of them.
  • See your projects in one collaborative workspace.
  • No more app-switching: Atlas allows end-to-end project teamwork within Microsoft Teams.
  • Fast, powerful search and smart filtering makes information readily available.
  • Automation and workspace provisioning free people up from mundane tasks to focus instead on quality outcomes.
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Powering project team productivity

Atlas collates relevant, contexualized information from documents, information stored in various apps, and conversations in Microsoft Teams to a single platform where you can manage all your project work.

Background automation and provisioning creates project workspaces customised to your preferences that you can manage from Teams, avoiding app-switching and the need for help from IT.

Project teams save hours of time, getting straight to the information and people they need and avoiding duplication of effort, making project management easier than ever.

Project work set up for success

Improves quality

Automation and provisioning of pre-defined project workspaces frees people up from mundane tasks and provides consistency so people can focus on high-value work.

Saves time

Atlas saves time spent on mundane tasks through automation and reduces the hours spent on researching and collating information by at least 20%.

Fast setup

Atlas automatically creates project workspaces customized to your preferences so your team can hit the ground running.

Seamless work

Atlas provides a single, collaborative workspace where teams can find everything they need and work without switching apps for different tasks.

Leverages knowledge

Atlas harnesses the power of your organization's collective knowledge, surfacing information people need even when they don’t know to look for it. 

Optimizes Microsoft 365

Built on and for Microsoft 365, Atlas provides a more intuitive interface to its powerful project management tools.

What our clients say

  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    “Our content that had been across the board in file shares and other legacy systems is now in one place. And now we can start to do things that have been very difficult to do in the past. …[For] the first time we’ve got insight into all the content that we’ve got and we can start to build on that content and to do some very interesting things with it.”
  • Stuart Whittle

    Business Services and Innovations Director
    “We weren’t quite sure what the possibilities were with this kind of transformation, and I am pleasantly surprised as to how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds.”
  • Josh Murray

    Group Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Director
    “The challenge of a business of the global size and reach of ours, predominantly focused on projects, is that you have to keep constantly updated… We chose Atlas because it could solve our entire problem, at speed, whilst appearing seamless across the business.”

Atlas makes remote work easy and better


  • I don’t have the right tools to get on with my job
  • I don’t know who to contact for specific information
  • I don’t know what’s happening in the organization

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How Atlas solves this

  • Atlas is a single platform from which people access all the digital tools they need
  • Atlas People Directory makes it easy to identify and contact the person you need to speak to
  • Atlas Intranet keeps everyone connected with personalized content

Discover how Atlas works for project teams

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