A single platform for project work that connects teams and bridges silos

Atlas is built on and for Microsoft 365 but provides users with a much more intuitive interface. This means your team can more easily and effectively use all the powerful project management tools that come with M365, including Power Automate workflows, to boost alignment, efficiency and productivity.


End-to-end project teamwork within Microsoft Teams

Project workspaces customised to your preferences are automatically created so you can organise, manage and monitor them, all from within MS Teams. You no longer have to switch applications and waste time searching for project information. 

Projects-in-Microsoft Teams

Single view of all your projects

See your and your team's projects in one intuitive and collaborative workspace. Smart filtering lets you find what you're looking for easily; you can search projects by customer, team member, subject area and more.


Integrates with and enhances Microsoft 365

Atlas sits squarely on top of Microsoft 365, providing a more intuitive interface to all the powerful tools - including Power Automate - that come with it, making project management user-friendly and easy. 


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6 ways Atlas for Project Work increases project success:

Quick project workspace setup

New project workspaces customised to your teams' preferences and using Microsoft tools your team knows, are easily and securely set up, so you hit the ground running.

Leverages & enhances Microsoft 365

Providing a more intuitive interface to Microsoft tools like Team Tasks, Power Automate workflows and Planner, etc. Atlas enables users to get the most out of them.

Saves your team hours of time

Powerful, simple search and automated tagging of content means users get straight to the information they need, significantly saving time and avoiding duplication of effort.

Enables knowledge sharing

Atlas makes adding and sharing knowledge, even across different systems and with external users, natural and seamless, bringing coherence and efficiency to the process.

Improves quality  

Customised workspaces, effective collaboration and information management saves time. Freed from low-value tasks, people can focus on the quality of the outcome.

Makes collaboration great

Atlas provides a single, user-friendly interface that enables collaboration and empowers everyone to do their best work; Atlas keeps work moving forward.


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Atlas for Project Work is everything you need to streamline and deliver quality projects on time and to budget.

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