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Northumbrian Water uses technology and innovation for knowledge delivery

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Key highlights

One central repository

Northumbrian Water migrated 20 million documents, housed across various systems, to Microsoft SharePoint so they would be accessible in one central repository. 

Quick access

With Microsoft Viva Topics, Northumbrian Water can now identify assets, construction projects and processes for the work they do, without leaving the applications they’re working in or running a massive search query.

SharePoint Syntex

AI is teaching SharePoint Syntex how to recognise specific drawings so they can capture key information from the drawings, record it, and make it easier for experts across the organisation to find.


Much like other service industries, water sanitation, purification and distribution often relies on outdated traditional processes – including paper documentation and mapping and manual data logging. But Northumbrian Water looked to technology and innovation to simplify processes and manage organisational knowledge, ultimately ensuring they deliver the best product and best customer experience.

Keen to enable the organisation to quickly find and utilise organisational knowledge, Northumbrian Water engaged ClearPeople and their digital workplace platform Atlas to help resolve their knowledge capture and discovery needs by implementing and leveraging the latest Microsoft 365 technologies.

Source: Microsoft Customer Story

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Project summary

Serving the vast population across the region, Northumbrian Water manages thousands of kilometres of water and sewage network. Doing so requires detailed documentation of every asset in the network, resulting in what amounts to around 20 million documents (and counting).

Northumbrian Water engaged Atlas to help the organisation build the capability to find specific documents in this massive archive; to connect workers with other experts on a given asset, location, or process; and to access the intrinsic knowledge stored within the minds of the older workforce or those with local experience.

  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    "With SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva Topics, we’ve found a way now, at scale, to bring together all our information and people, and identify experts inside our business and also identify and manage information into more manageable topics."
  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    “We had an experienced team member working in a rural area who used a very old van for transportation ... but he wouldn’t let us replace it. Eventually, the equipment team learned why. As he drove to different areas, he was drawing on the ceiling where mains and certain assets were.”
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About Northumbrian Water

Serving over 4.4 million people in the United Kingdom, Northumbrian Water provides water and sewage services across the northern English counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and Durham, and parts of North Yorkshire.

Dedicated to delivering the reliable, resilient water services that are vital to public health, while providing an unrivaled customer experience, Northumbrian Water has become a leader in their space, leveraging new innovation and technology to deliver on its promises.

Atlas Platform overview

The Atlas Digital Workplace includes out-of-the-box communications, collaboration and knowledge capabilities for end-users, management and IT. Atlas defines a new digital workplace platform category known as a "Knowledge Productivity Platform".

Atlas is installed within the customer's Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant and Azure infrastructure, leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licenses, security/compliance settings, Active Directory and more.

The platform fully supports Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Groups, Planner, OneNote, Power Apps, Power BI and much more.