The role of Microsoft Teams within Project Management

5 November 2018

Project management teams within a company often need to collaborate and communicate with many others across the organisation. Because of this, it is important that they have the right tools to be able to work effectively. Microsoft Teams provides a channel of communication that contributes to the Project Management’s team success.


Accessible group work

Microsoft Teams links with OneDrive, Office 365 and SharePoint which allows all the documents to be stored and accessed in one place. Project Management teams can utilise the Office suite to collaborate in real-time on projects and documents. This is particularly useful when working on projects where time is a factor.

Department wide updates

By creating channels for the department, Project Management teams can quickly provide updates, feedback and coordinate work projects. This allows for a quicker and leaner work process that benefits the Project Management team.

Streamline project communications

With Microsoft Teams, Operations and Project Management Teams can streamline project communications and collaborate more closely on key accounts.

These are just a few examples of how well Microsoft Teams works within a project management team and how it can contribute to its success. Of course each company is different and maybe Microsoft Teams has been able to help your project management team in other ways? If that’s the case, contact us to tell us of the improvements it has made to your marketing department. Check out Group Explorer to keep updated about our exciting new product.

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Barry Wakelin

Barry Wakelin