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How a digital employee experience platform drives organizational success

Your digital workplace is the key to creating an environment for meaningful employee interactions. A strong culture boosts engagement by providing a more personal, people-focused experience irrespective of a person's role, means of access or location.

The 2021 Work Trend Index identifies urgent trends for business leaders as being flexible work; productivity; wellbeing and hybrid working. Atlas is a proven platform built on and for Microsoft 365 to address these concerns. This digital workplace technology supports the employee experience by:

• Enabling hybrid working
• Transforming communication and collaboration
• Retaining staff and reducing staff turnover
• Onboarding new employees
• Fostering productivity and efficiency
• Helping achieve strategic goals.


Employee onboarding with Atlas

Atlas makes onboarding of new starters simpler and more engaging with self-service tools, collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. Employees can start onboarding right away with little effort:

  • A signposted onboarding experience that provides relevant information, resources and training 
  • Provides new employees with a single place to get started
  • Creates meaningful connections by connecting new employees to people and culture
  • Equips new starters with the tools that they need to success straight away
  • Helps stakeholders easily contribute to new employee onboarding
  • Generates data and usage reports to measure effectiveness.
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D&I Portal

The past year has put a much-needed spotlight on diversity and inclusion. Our clients at the forefront of creating modern and forward-thinking workplaces use Atlas to centralize communication, engagement and support the change process.

The model is based on 3 simple yet powerful strands: Inform, Perform, Grow.

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Inform, Perform, Grow


Communication (whether push or two way) is far more effective and powerful when it's co-ordinated and centralised. Employees have a single digital hub for everything they need, even when the business and their network is spread across multiple offices and jurisdictions.


HR plays a central role in creating an employee experience that's built on transparency, equality, respect and a sense of belonging. Atlas enables everybody to access and share knowledge, and gives employees a voice. A sense of engagement and of contribution to the business is a powerful driver of performance.


Like any form of behaviour, inclusion requires people to identify key moments in which they should build new habits. Atlas supports this by:

Providing training materials and information.
Promoting champions who make changes happen.
Enabling real growth by making sure nobody gets left behind.

Atlas and Microsoft Viva

Accelerating employee experience

Together Microsoft Viva and Atlas empower people and teams to achieve even more.

Atlas enables people to easily and intuitively get the most out of Microsoft Viva, a Microsoft technology platform focused on learning, wellbeing and knowledge discovery.


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Success Story - Nando's

Nando’s wanted to give their employees a suitable digital workplace that accurately reflected individuality while promoting their culture and values.

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