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Communication and employee wellbeing is key but the issue is which tools do you use for communication and how do you declutter the noise? Atlas provides one platform for communication to raise awareness of new initiatives, drive engagement and highlight important information. 

Atlas has numerous features to engage employees as well as make them productive in their daily work.

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Cultivate a productive & engaged workforce to increase retention

Transform communication & collaboration across the organisation

Accelerate onboarding and improve learning

ClearPeople White Paper How to build a new intranet

A Successful Intranet White Paper

Building a new intranet? Learn more in this handy guide on what you should think about before starting your project.

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Engaging your remote workforce

Do you want to ensure that new starters or those returning to work after a long period off, have read key documents? Mandatory Read not only provides employees with relevant documents to read but these documents are also stored within the user's profile if they need to re-read it again.

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Employee onboarding with Atlas

A negative onboarding experience doubles the chances of an employee to seek another opportunity.

Atlas overcomes some of the issues through "working out loud". This means that not only do the new joiners see the output from their team, but they can quickly understand the thought and design processes that led to that output. They can engage in the processes at whatever level they feel comfortable and build an intricate and deep understanding of the business in record time - even when all of your team is working remotely.


Atlas makes onboarding of new starters simpler and more engaging with self-service tools and collaborative learning. 

Employees can also start onboarding right away with little effort using Atlas Tour and our education centres. Sounds much simpler, right? 

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Nandos restaurant

Success Story

Nando’s wanted to give their employees a suitable digital workspace that accurately reflected individuality whilst promoting their culture and values.

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