Atlas provides a unified experience of Microsoft Viva - aggregating content, amplifying knowledge and enabling innovation.

Microsoft Viva is an Employee Experience Platform specifically designed to connect and empower employees and help businesses manage the changes brought about by hybrid working. Microsoft Viva builds on the power of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to extend on the employee experience across four key areas — Engagement, Wellbeing, Learning and Knowledge.

Atlas brings coherence to content scattered over different Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva tools. By aggregating content from multiple sources, Atlas solves the age-old problem of how to surface relevant information to the right person at the right time. 

Atlas and Microsoft Viva are better together!



This short, but informative, Microsoft Viva demo covers:

  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex
  • Viva Learning and Viva Insights 
  • and how organisations can benefit from using Microsoft Viva.

Watch this Microsoft Viva demo if you’re looking to:

  • improve the overall employee experience,
  • dramatically improve real-time access to critical information and knowledge, and
  • make it easier for employees to learn while working.


How Atlas + Microsoft Viva work together

Atlas and Microsoft Viva

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Topics

Atlas expedites and advances the use of Microsoft Viva Topics by providing extensive knowledge management capabilities and a simpler user interface. Once configured, a Topic becomes searchable alongside all your other knowledge sources.

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Connections

ClearPeople has expanded the Atlas delivery experience through Microsoft Viva Connections so our clients get more out of it.  Atlas extends the experience with highly configurable enterprise components such as  Launchpad, My Links, Preferences, Search Panel, Feedback and much more.

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Insights

Together Microsoft Viva Insights and Atlas provide meaningful insights into the way people are working as well as their wellbeing, thereby building a meaningful employee experience.

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Learning

Atlas inspires employees to know more, participate more and achieve even more, with a visually engaging Microsoft Viva Learning experience. Atlas workspaces out-of-the-box provide support for Viva Learning and can be enabled as Learning Sources through Atlas' configuration.

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Goals

Atlas and Viva Goals is a winning formula to turn goals into results. 

Atlas + Microsoft Viva Engage

Atlas pages have embedded Viva Engage feeds for social networking and community groups.

Viva Engage features such as Stories, Likes, Polls, Praise and in page commentary are available on all Atlas content pages.



Microsoft Viva Case Study

Northumbrian Water uses SharePoint Syntex & Microsoft Viva Topics for innovative knowledge delivery

Many service industries are bound by outdated traditional processes – including paper documentation and mapping and manual data logging.

Northumbrian Water, however, has become an innovative service provider, utilising technology to simplify processes and manage organisational knowledge, ensuring they deliver the best product and the best customer experience.

Watch this case study video to see how ClearPeople worked with Microsoft to provide Northumbrian with a Knowledge Discovery Workshop . The engagement started as a Microsoft-funded workshop where ClearPeople assessed content, user journeys and scenarios to develop a pilot of Microsoft Knowledge and Content Services solutions in combination with Atlas solutions. 


Finalist Microsoft Partner of the Year Employee Experience Award_White 1000x563

"Atlas is ahead of many with its out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Learning and SharePoint Syntex." - ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2022


ClearPeople is recognised for providing outstanding Microsoft Viva solutions and services and is an Employee Experience 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award finalist.

Read more about Microsoft award

Microsoft Viva + Atlas: Key Business Impacts

Increased productivity

as duplicate and repetitive work is minimised.

Increased satisfaction

and customer loyalty due to a more connected experience.

Increased innovation

with more ideas and expertise shared across the organisation.

Increased engagement

as people are empowered with more knowledge.

Increased intelligence

as collective knowledge grows and better decisions are made.

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