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Microsoft Viva Insights + Atlas

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Build personal and organizational resilience with Microsoft Viva Insights

According to a recent study, 85% of respondents say their wellbeing has decreased. 54% feel overworked and over 40% are considering leaving their employer this year.

Microsoft Viva Insights is one of the four modules of Microsoft Viva and helps with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Reimagine employee experience by empowering people, teams, and organizations to focus on what’s important, achieve balance, and build resilience.

Offer personal insights to each individual and identify opportunities

Privacy-protected insights provide much-needed visibility into work patterns

Integrated within Microsoft Teams and many more tools

Microsoft Viva Insights - Key Features

Insights for business leaders

Address critical questions about resilience and work culture, and build better work habits with insights and recommendations fueled by research.

Insights for managers

Understand patterns that lead to burnout and stress like collaboration overload and too little focus time.

Mindfully disconnect

Wrap up the workday with a virtual commute in Microsoft Teams, close out tasks and preview what's coming up tomorrow.

Ready to use reports

Quickly generate powerful insights and quantify the impact of disruption and change.


Increased wellbeing & productivity

with personalised and actionable insights in Microsoft Teams that help everyone in an organisation thrive.

Better work habits & achieve balance

with powerful insights and recommendations for business leaders and managers, fueled by research.

Support new ways of working

by making data-driven decisions thanks to powerful tools to address complex challenges.


What is Viva Insights?

In summary, Viva Insights provides both personal insights and insights for larger teams. It is useful for managing time, relationships and wellbeing.

Explore more here: Improve Employee Wellbeing | Microsoft Viva Insights

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What is the pricing for Viva Insights?

There is a free option if you have Exchange Online. This includes the Viva Insight app which is similar to MyAnalytics. There is add-on tier for the organisational view but you will need a Workplace Analytics license. 

The published price is £3 per user, per month. Read more here: Improve Employee Wellbeing | Microsoft Viva Insights

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When is the release date?

The Teams Viva Insights app and full Viva Insights is already available.

Still to come: 

  • Premium personal insights: effective meetings tab in Teams with insights and recommendations
  • Premium personal insights: initiate shared effective meetings plan

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How do I add Viva Insights to Microsoft Teams?

The setup steps vary depending on the type of insights you are going to view in which Microsoft Viva Insights features. Read more here: Setup overview for Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs

A get started guide is available here: Introduction to Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs

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Finalist Microsoft Partner of the year

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

ClearPeople has been named a finalist of the Employee Experience 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

ClearPeople was recognised for providing outstanding solutions and services in employee experience.

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Microsoft Viva and Atlas in monitor

Inspiring digital experiences with Atlas and Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights together with Atlas inspires new ways of working with meaningful insight into the way people are working, what is working (or not) for them as well as their wellbeing.

Understand your users' ways of working and their digital experiences in a whole new way and use this to deliver modern, flexible and hybrid ways of working.

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