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Microsoft Viva Topics

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Solving the enterprise knowledge problem

recent survey found that employees could potentially save four to six hours each week if they didn’t have to search for information—or spend time recreating it. This equates to an increase of 11-14 percent in daily productivity.

Microsoft Viva Topics together with Atlas solves the challenge of finding information and inefficiencies in knowledge searching which strongly impacts enterprise productivity.

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Makes contributing to shared knowledge so simple that everyone participates

Automatically surfaces the relevant knowledge to the right person in the right context

Increases re-use of knowledge and reduces duplication of effort

Microsoft Viva Topics - Identify Topics

Microsoft Viva Topics, the employee experience platform

Microsoft Viva Topics is one of the modules of Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Viva Topics uses AI to organize resources, information and expertise into topics delivered through apps like SharePoint, Microsoft Search and Office; and coming soon to Yammer, Teams, and Outlook.

Extracted descriptions, topical documents, and related sites and people are presented on topic cards that help people learn, develop new skills, and innovate faster while they work.

Atlas uses Microsoft Viva Topics as one of the methods to collect and share knowledge.

Microsoft Viva Topics Key Features

Automatically identify topics

Recognize common topics across content and conversations, organize information, and generate topic pages.

Find related topics

Discover and display complementary topics and expertise from across sources.

Automatically build topic pages

Create topic pages and topic cards using suggested definitions, related content, relevant conversations, and expertise.

Curate topics

Cultivate knowledge using your experts and AI to refine topic pages.

Topic highlights

Show topic highlights and display topic cards in any Microsoft 365 app.

Find topics anywhere

Give people the knowledge they need anytime, anywhere by using Search to discover topics.


Increased productivity

due to reduction of duplicate and repetitive work.

Increased satisfaction

and customer loyalty due to a more connected experience.

Increased innovation

with more ideas and insights shared across the organisation.

Increased engagement

of employees by empowering with them with more information.

Increased intelligence

to grow your collective intelligence and to make better decisions.


What is Viva Topics?

Viva Topics is an AI-based solution that helps to organise and structure knowledge. It helps employees find information related to Topics.

We have written a number of blogs on Microsoft Viva from useful tips to deep technical dives. 

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Is Viva Topics available?

Yes - Viva Topics is already available for desktop as well as an app for Teams. 

Learn how to get started: Introduction to Microsoft Viva Topics | Microsoft Docs

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What is the price for Viva Topics?

Depending on the location, the price is £3/$4 per user per month and £6.80/$8 per user per month when bought as part of Microsoft Viva Suite.

An add-on enterprise license is required. More details on pricing and how to sign-up for a free trial is available on Microsoft's website.  

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What is the roadmap for Viva Topics?

There are a number of features and improvements in the Viva Topics roadmap.

The recent release include:

Viva Topics in Outlook for the web. You can manually use hashtags to attach topic cards to any message. Viva Topics can then display those to your readers with suggested additional topics in the message pane.

Viva Topics insight analytics. As soon as Viva Topics is activated for your Microsoft 365 tenant, you will see a count of the files processed and topics that are discovered from those files. As more topics are discovered, and your knowledge managers and users are engaged, you will see a visible topics count and a breakdown of the topics discovered, created by users, hidden by settings and removed.


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Finalist Microsoft Partner of the year

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

ClearPeople was a finalist of the Employee Experience 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

ClearPeople was recognised for providing outstanding solutions and services in employee experience.

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Atlas enhances Microsoft Viva Topics with numerous features and tools

Smart information management

  • Automated and suggested tagging of content
  • Atlas enhances Microsoft Search to surface people, collaboration workspaces and all content from a single interface
  • Entity extraction using Artificial Intelligence
  • Context-driven views of relevant project or matter materials


Powerful knowledge management

  • Makes finding and sharing knowledge intuitive with Atlas AddIt and Atlas Connex
  • Helps teams better manage and distribute access to valuable IP and knowledge using Atlas Workspaces and Atlas Knowledge in Focus
  • Centralised knowledge and powerful search experience

Connects systems

  • Helps to integrate multiple systems within your current Microsoft 365 technology stack
  • Centralises data and processes
  • Enables effective information management

Secure and simple file sharing

  • Atlas’ underlying security and compliance features afford complete control over access and confidentiality
  • Document versioning is simple and practical
  • Powerful search to quickly access knowledge/matter across inboxes, folders, systems and more
  • Seamlessly integrates with email

Extended capabilities

  • Atlas connects with many 3rd party add-ons, making it even more powerful

Reporting and analytics

  • Affords insight into adoption patterns
  • Allows you to gauge whether KPIs are being met