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ConneX Studio


Making complex work simple

ConneX Studio is an Atlas tool that enables enterprises to create custom line of business templates for engaging knowledge and collaboration workspaces.  

ConneX Studio applies corporate security rules and ensures that content is automatically tagged to make it easy for those with permission to find it.

Empower your people

Easy to implement and use, the tool allows anyone with permission to maintain the digital workplace without the need for technical resource support.

Empower your people to work efficiently and productively with ConneX Studio. 

ConneX Studio – bringing efficiency and simplicity to work

Avoid costly customisations

No need for expensive resources to custom configure sites and Teams. Use business templates built by business users.

Work the way you want to

Whether managing sales bids or projects, engaging with employees or collaborating with clients, ConneX Studio works for you.

Empowers users to achieve

Contributing, finding and sharing knowledge is intuitive and easy. Teams achieve more with the consistency and simplicity ConneX Studio provides.

Unblock unnecessary processes

Avoid service desk tickets and deliver better customer service. ConneX Studio is easy to implement and use which means adoption is a cinch, Microsoft 365 usage increases, corporate IT resources are freed up and collaboration is a breeze.

Deliver engaging experiences

Through Teams or SharePoint on desktop, tablet and mobile, use the right template for the right job. Using technology your people know and use, ConneX Studio leverages your Microsoft 365 investment.

Applies governance and consistency

Corporate security rules are applied, content is automatically tagged and the user experience is intuitive and consistent.


Allows the business to add and configure webparts to existing and new pages.

Creates page layouts.

Adds document folder structures with the option to add new libraries.

Adds default tags to your folders where required.

Adds default channels to MS Teams where applicable.

Allows the business to specify the template type and add the template name and description.

Adds key content and documents to libraries where they will be needed.

Specifies the groups of users that can use the template.

Applies default metadata and default users.

Adds optional sensitivity labels.

Applies optional naming conventions.

Applies governance and UX consistency.

ConneX Studio for specialised teams

ConneX Studio benefits any team that requires customised business templates, including:

Proposal or bid management teams

Project management teams

Legal teams needing matter management

Client facing teams needing client portals

ConneX Studio in action: a bid management scenario

You’ve got a high-value lead and you need to create a proposal for them fast. Here’s how easy it is with ConneX Studio:

1. Your business template is ready to go

Your team has previously identified its requirements including tools, data structure, useful links, security and access control, and its templates have been customised.

The navigation, page layouts, document library folder structures, Teams channels and apps for your proposal (RFP) are all there, as you need them.

2. A new work area is created

A wizard guides users through creating new work areas, automatically applying tags and the organisation’s information management model.

All your bid documents are automatically sorted into structured channels and folders. Great!

3. People find stuff fast!

The ConneX dashboard allows you to find information across all your Atlas workspaces and Microsoft 365 Groups via one interface. Can’t remember if that bid for Client Z last year was in SharePoint, Teams or Yammer? Don’t worry; ConneX will find it.

Plus, bids are rolled up into Client Summary pages, so you can easily find relevant information and avoid recreating content.

4. You’re in the loop

Your workspace links back to the Dynamics 365 record, standard bid content, must read information and other bids made to the client.

Everything is in Microsoft Teams so collaboration is straightforward and familiar, and you can land additional tools such as Planner for task management or Power BI for bid analytics in the same page.

5. A winning result

Time and effort saved on setting up a workspace or waiting for corporate IT to do this, searching for information, and recreating content that’s already there but no one knows where, instead goes towards producing a great quality proposal or bid.

Submitting consistently high-quality bids means winning more business.

See Atlas in action

Atlas has multiple uses and helps different teams achieve their different goals, so a demo really is the best way to understand what it does.

Our experienced team will listen to your pain points and objectives, and demonstrate how Atlas can help. No commitment or expectations, we just want to show Atlas off.Monitors-multiply-MyHome-HoverPoint-blue