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Branding Customization

Branding Customization complete

Tailor Atlas, express your brand

Elevate your digital workplace's identity with Atlas Branding Customization. We put the power in your hands, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your organization's brand across various Atlas web parts. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all design – now, you can truly make Atlas your own.

With intuitive controls like image filter intensity sliders and color selectors for image filters and themes, you can effortlessly align Atlas with your brand's unique aesthetic. Empower communication and internal marketing managers to leave their mark on every corner of their digital workplace, fostering deeper employee engagement with your corporate brand.

Discover how Atlas Branding Customization can transform your workspace into a branded oasis where your identity shines through every element, from cards to carousels and beyond.


Branding Customization Features

  • Intuitive branding controls
  • Theme selection
  • Seamless integration within web parts configuration
  • Extended theme options with additional configurable colors

Benefits of Branding Customization

Consistent Brand Identity

Ensure your digital workplace reflects your brand's unique style and identity throughout.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

A branded workspace fosters a stronger connection between employees and your corporate brand.

Professional Appearance

Present a polished and cohesive digital environment that aligns with your organization's image.

Improved Recognition

When employees see consistent branding, they're more likely to remember and engage with your content and messages.

See Atlas in action!

Atlas has multiple uses and helps different teams achieve their different goals, so a demo really is the best way to understand what it does.

Our experienced team will listen to your pain points and objectives, and demo how Atlas can help. No commitment or expectations – we just want to show Atlas off.Monitors-multiply-MyHome-HoverPoint-blue


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