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Atlas Launchpad

Launchpad Screens complete

All your apps in one place

With Atlas Launchpad users have easy access to a range of tools in one place from the main navigation bar.

Applications can be targeted to specific user groups and controls can be placed on availability.



Available from the primary header bar.

Targets specific apps to specific user groups.

A simple search bar for finding applications.


Saves time

Users can easily gain access to their important apps from one place.

Greater adoption

Users have a single place to go to access apps

Better, faster decision making

Immediate access to knowledge from anywhere within the platform.

Reduces IT workload

No more lengthy configurations. Content layouts and categorisations can be saved and centrally maintained for reuse to deliver consistent and standardised business outcomes.

See Atlas in action

Atlas has multiple uses and helps different teams achieve their different goals, so a demo really is the best way to understand what it does.

Our experienced team will listen to your pain points and objectives and demonstrate how Atlas can help. No commitment or expectations – we just want to show Atlas off.

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