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AI Assistant - Instant Access to Enterprise Knowledge

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Introducing Atlas AI Assistant

Get instant access to your Enterprise Knowledge with our new AI Assistant Feature.

AI Assistant is a smart chatbot that leverages your organization’s collective knowledge stored in Microsoft 365 and other enterprise sources. Employees engage with AI Assistant within popular Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint or Teams, or through the Atlas AI interface. With AI Assistant, employees obtain immediate answers to critical questions and create authoritative content, all with the assurance of accuracy and validity.



  • Interactive chat interface for immediate access to your organization’s knowledge and content creation.
  • Robust governance capabilities, including access controls and user request limits to manage Azure Open AI service costs.
  • Customizable system prompts provide a personalized user experience.
  • First-time access includes initial terms and conditions agreement, to ensure informed consent.
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint can insert AI- generated content directly into the current SharePoint page.
  • A comprehensive audit trail keeps detailed records of user interactions and prompt requests.
  • Automatically applies business context (metadata) to user prompts.

Benefits of AI Assistant

Boost productivity

Empowering employees to quickly find information, summarize texts, translate languages, and create content.

Control expenses

Effectively manage Microsoft Azure Open AI service costs with customizable user request limits.

Increase M365 adoption

Personalize experiences with customized AI Assistant responses that align with your organization's voice and specific requirements.

Achieve security and compliance

Ensure adherence to company policies through governance and comprehensive audit trails of interaction records.

Satisfy informed consent requirements

Meet requirements with a straightforward terms and conditions agreement for first-time AI access.

Are you prepared for Generative AI?

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