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Why ClearPeople?

We understand the enormous potential digital has to improve operations, enable innovation as well as provide cost savings.

ClearPeople has years of experience in these industries and our award-winning expertise enables you to keep ahead through innovation, provide new ways to monitor and optimise performance and bring a fresh approach to workforce communication and collaboration to the benefit of your customers.

Atlas bridges gaps in the Energy & Utilities sectors

We are experts in providing digital solutions for the Energy and Utilities sector. We confidently make this claim having delivered quality services to a wide cross-section of clients including Northumbrian Water Group, GDF Suez, Thames Water, Premier Oil, Oil and Pipeline Agency, and the Western Procurement Hub.

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Atlas for Frontline Workforce

Deliver critical information to your frontline workers and empower them to make the right decisions.

Atlas is developed on top of the powerful Microsoft 365 platform to enhance the experience for frontline workers. How? By providing one place for employees to find the right information and get their work done.

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Some of our awesome clients

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Improve your internal communications

Atlas is a must-have platform to improve internal communication and help your employees efficiently find and consume vital information needed on cases. We know it’s harder than ever for firms to reach and align with an increasingly dispersed, diverse workforce. Atlas helps you align.

Increase the return from your most valuable assets

When Atlas Knowledge is deployed - information flows dynamically across teams and departments using smart personalisation and tagging features. Atlas helps organisations accommodate remote working and employee flexibility.

Simplify collaboration

Collaboration is the glue that bonds a company with its employees. Atlas Collaboration Centre transforms fragmented and confusing tools. With Atlas Group Explorer searches take seconds and work across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365 Groups and more. Atlas provides simplicity.


Enhance customer retention

Competition for customer attention and business has never been fiercer. What matters most is more automated, easier access to services and greater personalisation. In a seamless modern digital experience Atlas Extranet enables you to engage and collaborate with your customers, prospects and external parties in ways you always wanted. Atlas provides greater engagement.

Case Studies

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water needed to resolve their knowledge capture and discovery needs by implementing and leveraging the latest Microsoft 365 technologies.

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GDF Suez

GDF Suez required a document management solution that would focus on the in-house legal teams for management of legal documentation relating to projects.

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The Western Procurement Hub required a central platform where members in separate geographical locations are able to collaborate on procurement projects.

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