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The explosion of ecommerce, mobile and the diversity in the retail mix means that energy and utilities customers now have more choice than ever before. These sectors have undergone significant changes as both customer expectations in service and the importance of frontline workers to be able to deliver exceptional service and support have increased.

ClearPeople understands the need for digital transformation and has designed Atlas to be the platform of choice to support companies in this process, enabling innovation and providing cost savings.

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Atlas for Your Frontline Workforce

Deliver critical information to your frontline workers and empower them to make the right decisions.

Atlas is developed on and for the powerful Microsoft 365 platform to enhance employee experience for frontline workers. How? By providing one place for employees to find the right information and get their work done.

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Atlas solutions for the Energy & Utilities sectors

Engages your frontline workers

Atlas enables you to distribute critical information to your frontline workers when they need it and on any device. With information being easily accessible in a single digital space, employees can find what they need and are empowered to make the right decisions.

Bridges information gaps

As a single, accessible and user-friendly digital hub, Atlas distributes information as and when it's needed. Its powerful search makes finding vital information fast and intuitive and people are able to easily and effectively share organisational knowledge.

Enables CX greatness

Competition for customer attention is fierce, particularly in the energy and utilities sectors. Atlas enables you to win this by providing easy access to your services, and greater personalisation in how you deliver them. Atlas provides greater engagement for your team and your customers.



Simplifies the workplace

With a single digital hub for all Microsoft technology, everyone can access the tools they need in one intuitive platform. Atlas solves the problems of having too many digital tools, too many silos, too much noise and stuff that's too hard to find.


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Atlas case study with NWL - tap water

Case study: Northumbrian Water Limited

NWL leveraged the latest Microsoft 365 technologies and Atlas to resolve their knowledge capture and discovery needs.


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