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Atlas for Law

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Game-changing platform for law firms

Atlas is a secure and powerful digital workplace platform that leverages the latest Microsoft technology to help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Automate the creation of knowledge and then easily share knowledge across your distributed teams via your intranet.
  • Bring order to Microsoft Teams and transform the experience.
  • Streamline Microsoft tools, systems and content into a single platform. Productivity is enhanced by delivering a frictionless route to answers.
  • Replace your legacy client collaboration applications with a modern, engaging experience that provides both clients and employees with a better way to work together.
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Atlas intranet for law

Replace your old, stale intranet. Atlas has everything you need for improving communication, fast access to secure and up-to-date knowledge, all in one intuitive, engaging platform.

  • Platform of choice for law firms using Microsoft 365.
  • For today's modern ways of working, your intranet is embedded in Teams with everything you need to get work done in one place.
  • Allows end users to easily contribute and publish content.
  • Enterprise grade security and smart tools for governance and content creation.
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Knowledge feature snippets

Atlas knowledge management for law

Atlas offers a single point of access to the information people need, connects them to subject experts and capitalises on the firm's collective intelligence.

  • Employees can easily capture and contribute knowledge – no technical know-how required.
  • Automatically-applied metadata and categorisation of content makes it easy to find information.
  • Powerful search capability.
  • User-friendly interface with powerful search and intuitive navigation.



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Transform Teams from chaos to order

Atlas supercharges Teams by making search more effective than ever. No more wasting time scrolling through endless conversations or searching for lost files.

Say goodbye to scattered files and folders with an automated and intuitive filing structure for all information in Microsoft 365. 

From new team members to seasoned users, everyone will appreciate the improved usability that Atlas brings.



Atlas extranet and client portals for law

Atlas serves your clients better by bringing people, content and ideas together, securely and simply.

Atlas provides an engaging, user-friendly  experience where you can work securely with clients and external parties.

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Why legal teams use Atlas

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Client retention

Consumers expect flexible, personalised legal services and competition for your clients’ business is getting fiercer. Atlas is client-centric, allowing you to engage with clients, prospects and external parties seamlessly and securely.

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Competitive advantage

Well-implemented technological solutions correlate with a firm’s success and no other platform comes close to the power and flexibility of Atlas integrated with Microsoft 365. 

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Talent retention

Atlas frees people up to apply their expertise to high value tasks. A user-friendly digital workplace platform where employees can self-serve, easily find and share knowledge, Atlas provides a superior employee experience.

  • Stuart Whittle

    Business Services and Innovations Director
    "We weren’t quite sure what the possibilities were with this kind of tech transformation, and I am pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds."
  • Cheick Modibo Diarra

    "[Atlas is] a dynamic and powerful tool, whose impact on the cohesion and integration of ALN cannot be understated."
  • Kevin Brown

    IT Director
    "We really want to remove the firm-wide reliance on network shares, duplications and out-of-date documents. Our aim is to help our people to manage their documents more effectively so that they retain their relevance and are accessible within our teams."

Some of our Atlas customers

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Power and flexibility that gives you the competitive edge

Discover how Atlas enables your law firm to take advantage of – and extend – your existing technology investment and your most valuable asset; knowledge.

Book a personalised demo now and find out more about the power and flexibility Atlas offers and why our legal clients use Atlas to set them apart now and in the future.

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