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Atlas Digital Workplace

Say goodbye to information silos and fragmented knowledge. Instead, welcome a unified platform that streamlines communication, encourages collaboration, and ensures that knowledge is harnessed to its full potential.

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Key sectors


Replace your old, stale intranet. Atlas has everything you need for improving communication, fast access to secure and up-to-date knowledge, all in one intuitive, engaging platform.
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Professional Services

Atlas is a powerful digital workplace platform that equips companies for the rigors of the professional services sector. Leverage your Microsoft 365 technology investment and do more with less.

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Construction & Engineering

Our construction and engineering clients use Atlas to improve communication, streamline project management and boost bid management.
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Financial Services

Streamlined information. Enhanced client service. Atlas surfaces the right information and useful insights, enabling you to deepen your client-advisor relationships.

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Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility companies use Atlas because it’s a flexible, robust digital solution that allows them to meet this sector’s challenges, including rising customer expectations and managing dispersed frontline workforces.
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Our not-for-profit sector clients have chosen Atlas to support and optimize their digital transformation, enabling them to work better in a sector that’s experienced seismic change in the last few years.
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Challenges we love to solve

Communicate more effectively

Atlas shifts communication from email to Microsoft Teams – providing accessible, targeted information on any device. 

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Win more business

Atlas provides a consolidated and “smart” bid area for cross-organization collaboration.

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Secure external sharing

Atlas transforms the way your team works and communicates with customers, partners, joint ventures and suppliers.

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Unified customer view

With a unified view of your customers, Atlas empowers your people to deliver stand-out customer experiences.

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A single view of all my projects

A single platform for all your company’s project work brings productivity gains and greater quality outcomes.
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Make MS Teams work

Atlas creates a seamless experience that makes Teams easier to use and navigate, adds coherence and increases efficiency.
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People we help

Knowledge Manager

Atlas helps make knowledge contribution easy so more people can contribute, increases knowledge re-use and surfaces the right knowledge in the right context.
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IT Professionals

Looking to consolidate multiple technology tools, replace legacy systems, provide more self-service and yet still have a secure, scalable and flexible solution?

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Internal Comms

Improve communication instantly. Atlas cuts through all the digital communication noise with relevant messages, regardless of where employees are located.

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Corporate Legal

Your team is being held back by legacy tech, multiple systems and silos of information. Atlas connects knowledge and people and frees teams up to do what they do best.

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Meaningful work. Easily accomplished.

Atlas is a game-changing platform that solves today’s digital working challenges and sets you up for success in the future.

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