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Atlas for Internal Communications


Organic and intuitive internal communication

In our new world of work we not only need to make sure employees across the organization are informed, but we need to create a culture where people feel connected to their work and colleagues, encouraged to share ideas, and invested in the organization - regardless of where they are working from.

Atlas makes internal communication organic and intuitive, centralizing communication and social tools and knitting your employee community together.

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"Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long-term, scalable solution."

Critically, Atlas cuts through all the digital communication noise and delivers relevant messages to different parts of the business, regardless of where employees are located, be it out in the field, at home or in a different country.

Atlas enables effective and personalized communication

Atlas makes collaboration simpler and more effective

Atlas enhances the employee experience and builds community


"Bigger than just a new digital workplace"

ClearPeople and Korn Ferry are winners of the Nielsen Norman Group 20th annual best intranet design contest. In this video Erin Evans, Senior Director of Strategy and Collective Intelligence at Korn Ferry, explains how their intelligent Atlas digital workplace makes it easier for employees to get work done and deliver better quality solutions for their clients.

Erin Evans, Senior Director, Strategy and Collective Intelligence at Korn Ferry

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What Atlas does for Internal Communications

Centralizes & targets communication

With all communication and social tools in one place, Atlas allows you to create consistent and personalized messages, ensuring that people get the right content in the right context.

Encourages employee-generated content

Atlas encourages participation and user-generated content by inviting employees to share knowledge, insights and workplace stories.

Engages employees

Atlas makes SharePoint and Teams more enjoyable to use by simplifying the complex and making it visually appealing. 

Surfaces all that great content

Atlas not only aides the creation of great content but makes it discoverable and presents it in a beautiful and intuitive interface.

Tracks reach & engagement

Atlas also provides powerful tools for deep reporting and user insight.

How Atlas takes an intranet further

Traditional Intranet

Purpose: Provide employee information and possibly insight into the organization.

Communication style: Push, one-way communication, potentially with some feedback mechanisms.

Collaboration: Must switch between Teams, intranet and other tools.

Personalization: Broadcast.

Applications: Links to external applications.

Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform

Purpose: Get work done, build relationships and facilitate knowledge-sharing.

Communication style: Employee to employee communication and user generated content.

Collaboration: Seamless experience.

Personalization: Broadcast, as well as targeted communication by geography, team or role.

Applications: Key applications can be integrated with Atlas Extensibility Framework or information can be surfaced in Atlas.


Case Study Laing O'Rourke

“During lockdown we actually saw it as a benefit to launch, largely because it is mobile enabled, so for people working remotely, it is much more accessible.”

Digital Communications Manager, Kerri Warner at Laing O'Rourke

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Atlas brings people together


  • Teams are in organizational silos, often working at cross purposes
  • There’s no central employee directory – or it’s out of date
  • Work and effort are duplicated
  • Lack of communication across teams

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How Atlas solves this

  • Collaboration and communication become easy and part of the flow of work
  • People directory allows you to identify and contact experts in the organization
  • Information and knowledge is automatically made available where it is is needed, even if you don’t know what to search for
  • Atlas makes communication and collaboration seamless