Atlas for Internal Communications


"Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long-term, scalable solution"

Hannah Powell, Marketing and Communications Officer

Are your employees still over reliant on email for communication?

We are in a new world of blended working where not only do you need to make sure employees across the organisation are informed, but you need to create a culture where people feel connected to their work and colleagues, encouraged to share ideas, and invested in the organisation. Atlas boosts internal communication as well as engages your employee community by centralising communication and social tools. 

Atlas cuts through all the digital communication noise and delivers relevant messages to different parts of the business, regardless of where employees are located - be it at home or in a different country.

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Effective and personalised communication

Enhance employee experience

Collaboration is simpler and more effective

Korn Ferry, Erin Evans - Fuse Stats (snippet)


"It was bigger than just a new digital workplace"

Hear more from Erin Evans as she shares some interesting statistics on their award-winning Atlas digital workspace called 'Fuse', an intelligent workspace with smarter tools that make it easier for employees to get work done and deliver better quality solutions for clients.

Erin Evans Grey Background

Erin Evans, Senior Director, Strategy and Collective Intelligence at Korn Ferry

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Centralise Communication

With all communication and social tools in one place, you can focus on creating consistent and personalised messages. 

Target your communication

Atlas ensures that the right people get the right content in the right context. 

Encourage employee insights

Atlas encourages participation and user-generated content by inviting employees to share useful knowledge and insights as well as their workplace stories.

Users actually find all that great content

Atlas not only aides the creation of great content but also importantly the findability of content and all of this presented in a beautiful and intuitive interface.

Measure reach and engagement

We provide powerful tools that offers deep reporting and user insight.

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Atlas is so much more

Atlas provides all the features you expect from a communications intranet but is so much more:

  • Launchpad to tools that users need to do their jobs
  • Rich knowledge management platform that brings together information intuitively 
  • Powerful governance and provisioning tools
  • Powerful taxonomy-led search
  • Simplifies the user experience of Office 365 

Korn Ferry office with NNG Intranet Design Annual Award overlay

Success Story

ClearPeople and Korn Ferry winner of the Nielsen Norman Group 20th annual best intranet design contest.

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