A company is not a company without its people

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Our culture is inclusive, enthusiastic and open, and we strive to build long-term relationships through a shared philosophy.

ClearPeople Value We Are One Family

One Family

ClearPeople started in a small flat in West London with two staff. Since day one, we’ve strived to keep this family feel despite our rapid growth, meaning our diverse team enjoy the banter, the perks, and of course the hard work.

ClearPeople Value People First

People First

People is in our company name after all, so it is important that our team cares about each other and for our clients. We never take a relationship for granted. We want our team and our clients to have a great experience working with us.

ClearPeople Value Integrity At Our Core

Integrity at our core

We believe in open relationships with our clients and our partners. Our upfront approach means we would rather say no to a project if we cannot deliver something we are proud of.

ClearPeople Value We Love What We Do

Love what we do

We love helping our clients to transform their business. Our enthusiasm shines through the work we deliver and we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge which enables us to provide exciting and innovative solutions.

ClearPeople Value Make It Happen

Make it happen

Our “can do” attitudes sees us embracing our clients' business challenges and driving change  through the intelligent application of people, processes and technology. Everything we do is focused on finding smart, meaningful and creative answers.

ClearPeople Value Always Adventurous

Always adventurous

We live in an ever-evolving world and our aim is to truly bring value to our clients’ businesses. Our unique view of the digital workspace means we walk on the edge of creativity and technology to deliver solutions that don’t necessarily follow the status quo.

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Our history

ClearPeople was regularly featured in Econsultancy Top 100 to more recently a product-led company. 

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Our awards

The multiple awards we have won are an indication that our work has been recognized and appreciated.

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We are building a company that we are proud of, and doing right by our employees, clients and community.

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