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Our Culture

Our culture is inclusive, caring, enthusiastic and innovative

We're a truly distributed team living and working in more than 5 countries. Remote working and flexibility are a part of our culture, and keeping everyone connected is how we achieve more and grow.

ClearPeople's culture is inclusive.


We value employees from all walks of life. Individuality is celebrated and everyone has a place in this company.

We live what our clients often aspire to achieve: remote and flexible working is part of our culture and knowledge sharing and transparency are key tenets.

Accessibility is also an integral part of our product and culture.

ClearPeople's culture is caring.


Employees are more than just co-workers. Individuals treat each other with respect and kindness, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions. 

Our passion is to make meaningful connections flow through everything we do; from our people to our product to our customers. We aim to create a sense of community for our people and our customers.



Our company culture motivates team members to give their full selves to the job. Individuals see value in their work and are eager to contribute to the company's success.

This doesn't mean we demand you go the extra mile. Rather, we aim to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to do so.

ClearPeople's culture is innovative.


We encourage creativity and bold pursuits that will help propel the business forward.

We work at the forefront of technology where the possibilities are endless, and in this company everyone has a voice. We encourage your drive and your ideas so we can collectively bring them to life.

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Our values

Some of our values are One Family and People First -  building long-term relationships through a shared philosophy.

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Our awards

The multiple awards we have won are an indication that our work has been recognized and appreciated.

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We're building a company we're proud of, and doing right by our employees, clients and community.

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