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Digital transformation starts with a digital workplace

28 May 2020

Digital transformation is fuelled by the advances in technology we see every day. It’s changing industries, igniting growth and providing the catalyst for new services, experiences and business models.


Digital transformation is the journey to reach your destination being a digital workplace. On this journey, you will use new digital technology that will empower your employees, optimise your operations, transform your products, and better engage with your customers.


We know the future is even more digital than it is today. Physical offices are becoming less common while more and more people are working from home (or anywhere else) if they have the right tools in place.  Most organisations are already embracing digital transformation and are looking for options to become more digital. But this goes further than just using email, social media and mobile tools. It is not only about investing in digital technology and that is it. With digital technology, your organisation will change and with that so will processes, culture and people. You need your digital workplace to underpin the new technology to get the most out of the changes that it will bring.


To make your digital transformation a success, your people are a key factor. They are the ones using the technology on a daily basis and in the end, their participation and actions determine whether the implementation of new technology is a success or failure. 


Where do you start when it comes to digital transformation? 

Digital transformation starts with a digital workplace. 


ClearPeople defines the Digital Workplace as an evolving collection of tools that enables employees to be more productive by providing their daily working tools from any device and anywhere in the world. Importantly, the digital workplace solution should be integrated so that users do not lose productivity when switching from one app to the other.


The digital workplace is all about your people. As the way we work is changing, digital technologies help people to do their work better. Enable your people to be more productive and better connected. Engaging and empowering your employees is proven to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately business growth. 


You cannot just flick a switch on digital transformation. it is a long journey that demands a lot of planning, leadership, engagement, and a process of change management to see positive results. But businesses that are taking the time to do this are seeing reduced overhead costs , better use of time and resources, increased profits and optimised operational efficiencies. 


Learn more about the 7 steps of digital transformation process.



ClearPeople created Atlas to deliver a people-first digital workspace solution that is tightly integrated with Office 365 tools like Teams, SharePoint and Yammer. 


Start your Office 365 digital transformation journey with Atlas Digital Workspace.

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